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Which aftershave & or deodorant turns women on?

Asked by Mushy99 (156points) November 3rd, 2009

I am researching which aftershaves and deodorants a woman likes on her man and which ones they find irresistible. Now I know that every woman has different tastes, but I would like to get as many responses as possible to see if there are some which come up more than once.

When responding, please chose one aftershave and one deodorant if possible.

Responses from women only on this please.

Many thanks,


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They all smell bad to me.

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I prefer the smell of great hygiene.

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AXE duh… Those adds are real right?

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I’m a man and am gong to answer this anyway.
Scents alone do not turn a girl on.

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LOL AXE is a scam, I’ve never met a woman who likes that smell.

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So if scents do nothing, why have them at all?

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@Mushy99 as long as people believe scents attract women, they will continue to buy them.

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Eau de locker room.

What? Why not? Women have eau de toilette which sounds infinitely worse!

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I can see this is going to get a huge number of responses. lol.

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@Mushy99 I wear “scents” because I like them. My husband just happens to like them, too. He wears cologne & deodorant, too. They have nothing to do with my attraction to him though.

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Hubbs smells best when it’s just him. No cologne required. If he does choose to wear some I like the ones that are more essential oil smell than alcohol (think Polo) smell.

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bay rhum , amouage. speed stick non-scented

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It certainly is not Axe. Ugh I hate their advertising.

I like my man to smell good but this isn’t attributable to a specific deodorant or aftershave. It’s the pheromones :)

I submit that perhaps you aren’t getting a lot of serious responses because others think the same way, that it is not the deodorant (seriously?) or aftershave that turns them on.

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We both use the same Suave antiperspirant/deodorant in Baby Powder scent if it helps @Mushy99 ;)

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And there’s me thinking women like a good smell. Now there have been a lot of studies done on pheromones and it has been proven that they do influence attraction, but in aftershaves and deo’s there are no pheromones. So if a man has no smell at all apart from a natural clean body smell, then this is more popular?

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So if a man has no smell at all apart from a natural clean body smell, then this is more popular?
Yep! That way we can smell the natural pheromones. Hehe.

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I used to think Cacherel was gorgeous… it just did something to me… I often smell random men and think my god!! but have not yet had the balls to ask what they are wearing…

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@Mushy99 I am a 29 year old woman. I usually have fairly high quality taste… and I love Axe. every time I write this it gets less humiliating. My boyfriend wore it once almost as a joke, and oh my… it’s delicious. Now it’s the only thing he wears.sigh.

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lol, not im confused, so some do like a good scent and others prefer not. @likerader – You are the first woman I have met who likes AXE. funny

@lynneblundell – It appears you may be in the minority so far, BUT I must admit, I have never heard of that one, so maybe the other women on here have not had the chance to whiff it. :-)

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My favourite smell on any man was the musky natural scent of one of my exes, especially after he worked out.




I thought the deal about pheromones was totally bogus until I got with him. I kept one of his T-shirts, and didn’t launder it, until the smell went away on its’ own.

Had we been so inclined, we mos def would have had fantastic children.

Oh, and I hate the smell of AXE.

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@aprilsimnel – too funny, you should have bottled it. hahaha

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@Mushy99 You are not going to find all women agree. We are a pretty large bunch.

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@aprilsimnel Mmmmmm….. I call that “man” smell!

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@RedPowerLady – Yeah agree, was just trying to find the consensus and it appears that the natural, non-scented smell is the winner, although I’m not intrigues to find out what that Catcharel stuff is.

By the way, all my friends buy and wear scents as they all believe it helps. How wrong can they be.

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I have to say.. I’m pretty sure I’d go for subtle sexy scent over natural any day…

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@lynneblundell maybe you haven’t met your pheromone match yet? ;)

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@lynneblundell – Do you know which Cacherel it was?

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“So if scents do nothing, why have anything at all?”
The companies that make these things are in business to make money. They’re trying to sell you on the idea that their product will turn women on. On its own, a scent probably won’t help you attract a strange woman, but it could gross her out. After you’ve known someone for a long time, a smell that you wear might remind them of you. I’ve heard that our sense of smell and memory are really closely linked.

The only guy smell that ever drove me crazy was something that one of my exes put in his dreadlocks. I don’t know what it was, or why he put such a nice-smelling thing in his hair, but it was awesome. I kept telling him he smelled good and he didn’t know what I was talking about.

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In dreadlocks. LOL. Talk about getting the most diverse answers. Only on fluther. lol

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The reason I kicked this question off was due to a recent news article found here:

Where this guy apparently is taking Lynx to court over the lack of the lynx effect. False advertising etc,..

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Hate the smell of Axe, as well. Now, Calvin Klein’s Truth? Mmm, nice. This coming from a lesbian who had a g/f who’d spritz on a little cologne once and awhile. It was a bit of a turn-on.

Honestly, as long as someone smells clean, it’s all good. A nice, light smelling scent is an added bonus. Not TOO much. Don’t go getting all strong Old Spice on my ass. Pee-you!

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Mmm I love my husband’s natural scent. He’s delicious!

I like Old Spice on my dad. I wouldn’t say it “turns me on” but it makes me feel safe and cozy like a little girl again. That’s more of an association, though.

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I think it’s different for men though (unless it’s just me). There are certain scents which just do it for me and the woman could be a complete mess but if she’s wearing the right scent it does go a long way. For some reason though I think its more the hair spray rather than perfume that does it. hehehe

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Ugh. I can’t stand most of them! I have never enjoyed Old Spice and my husband uses these stinky Axe body washes…it’s not that they smell bad, but they just stink….they make my entire bathroom smell of guy, and it overwhelms my nose. No thank you! I hate overwhelming smells.

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@casheroo – lol, you husbad is using axe???? Who’s he trying to impress. hahaha. Only joking. but you could always tell him you dont like axe.? So you don’t like “guy” smell?

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Soap. Seriously, nothing smells better than my man straight out of the shower. I actually do like a little Old Spice, for the same reasons @ubersiren mentioned.

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@Likeradar I like Axe, too!! So embarrassing. My ex wore the chocolate Axe after I mentioned I liked it, and she was kind of irresistible when she wore it. Other than that, I don’t know… I’m pretty gay, so you can’t really ask me what smell would make me attracted to a man. It would take a lot more than smell to get me to go there. Chocolate axe would be a good start. Old spice would definitely be a turn-off… my stepfather, who I don’t really get along with (and am the opposite of attracted to) wears it.

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@fireinthepriory – Maybe AXE is actually a gay thing?

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@augustlan I’m with you on this one. I love the smell of a freshly showered man. Nothing beats it. As far as deodorant goes, I think it’s gross if I can smell their armpit scent. Yuck. And I guess some cologne is okay smelling but it can become overpowering and give me a headache.

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@Mushy99 Well, @Likeradar is a straight chick… but I guess anything’s possible. :)

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@Mushy99 I’ve told him I don’t like the overwhelming smells, he still prefers to use those smelly bodywashes, he feels they get him clean the best or whatever. I think it’s stupid. He doesn’t wear cologne, and his deoderant doesn’t bother me…so it’s just the bathroom smelling of guy that bugs me lol
Oh and he puts it on our son and it takes days to get the smell off of him! I want my baby boy to smell like a baby, not a guy! haha

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@Mushy99 I’m pretty sure it’s this one

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A prefer the smell of good hygiene. (But a little bit of Lynx Dry or expensive cologne also helps)

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Dont like deodorant smell ; hate Axe.
Answer : Coast or Zest bar soap.

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