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How do i clean up my Mac Partition Map?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) November 4th, 2009

So i goofed around with Bootcamp in the past, i removed it, no big deal, but somehow my mac still thinks i have bootcamp installed, how would i go about, somehow editing the partition map or something of that magnitude ?

Let’s hope there’s some sort of solution for this.

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to go into detail, when i trie to use a ubuntu disk for instance, it tries to acces windows, and with rEFIt it can even see a windows disk, and when i try to boot it it tells me windows is missing some components, so…somethings still registered, even though my disk has just 1 partition, HFS+, and when i fire up the bootcamp assistent it ask me if i want to create a new partition, it’s so weird

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