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I'm about to go to a Muse gig. Why do I always feel apprehensive beforehand?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) November 4th, 2009 from iPhone

It’s the same everytime I go to any event!

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Do you have a problem with crowds?

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I don’t know.
But I’m jealous.

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I was just going to say what @Resonantscythe said—maybe, crowds bother you?

Love Muse. Great band. jealous, also

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Maybe the impending awesomeness may prove to be too much for you?

Take me with you! :’(

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Could be the crowd thing!

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I think that we should all go with @Mat74UK. You know, to help with the anxiety? ;-)

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i am so jealous

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@jmah get in the train and blag a ticket!

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I am also like this. Maybe it is the crowd like others are saying, but maybe it’s your mind preparing for the onslaught of amazing tunes entering your eardrums?

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You’re not nervous. you’re just bragging, you big jerk. JK, enjoy the show.


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Breathe! Really deep breaths. And I’m envious. Breathe! And have fun!

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It’s probably because you’re either too poor (or perhaps if you’re not poor, too selfish) to buy all your fellow Jellies plane tickets and show tickets and put them all up in a hotel so they can come to the show with you, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it…guilt.

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@dalepetrie Thats it! Nail on the head. Nerves nearly gone now I’m in and ready!
Cheers jellies!!!!

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Aw, yay!

still quite jealous <<whimpers>>

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Fookin AWESOME!!!

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Oh, so now you’re rubbing it in? Jerk. ;-P

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