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how does using cruise control affect gas mileage? is it really better?

Asked by row4food (3039points) February 9th, 2008

what are the benefits?

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I don’t think it’s more fuel efficient although as technology improves so does the efficiency. Mine often speeds up just as I’m reaching the peak of a hill. So at times it may actually increase gas use.

I use mine on long trips and in enforcement prone areas to avoid tickets. Also when I’m driving in AZ on a 75MPH freeway I use it to take full advantage of the speed increase, sometimes when I’m not using it I tend to slow down to my usual speed in CA.

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Cruise control may accelerate less rapidly (depending on your personal driving style) which may increase your mileage but I would expect to notice anything.

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cruise control prevents sudden changes in speed, which is the thing that kills gas mileage. never stomping on the gas pedal is the single easiest way to improve your gas mileage, and CC just does that for you.

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If I stay at 65 I have better gas mileage than if I go faster or don’t use cc.

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