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Any good store bought, or really quick pizza sauces?

Asked by forestGeek (9297points) November 4th, 2009

The Superfriends will be fighting crime most of the night on Thanksgiving, but wanted to make some quick and easy pizza between crimes. Anyone know of a good quality store bought red sauce, or a recipe that’s really tasty but doesn’t take much time to whip up?

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I would buy my favorite spaghetti sauce and use that… maybe add some herbs or something. I prefer that to jarred pizza sauce… gives it a deeper flavor.

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English muffin pizzas.

Toast the muffins. Then add sauce, top with cheese. Or what ever else you want to put on it. Bake till cheese has melted.

And, no. There is no good store bought sauce.

But, sauté some garlic in oil. throw in some ground beef. Let brown then add what ever crappy store bought sauce you have.
All will be good.

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@poofandmook – Yeah, I agree and am hesitant to buy jarred or canned pizza sauces in fear that it might be bland. I guess I could always add my own spices to it though.

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I made a super-easy pizza sauce from America’s Test Kitchen and it turned out really well.

Here’s the recipe:

1 TB olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced (or crushed)
1 can (28 oz) crushed tomatoes
Table salt and ground black pepper

Cook oil and garlic in a medium saucepan over low heat until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Add tomatoes, increase heat to medium, and cook until slightly thickened, 10–15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

It reminds me of Peter Piper Pizza sauce, if that means anything to you. If not, it’s still yummy. Good luck!

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Ragu Pizza Quick sauce or Ragu Pizza Time sauce. They taste good and don’t have that corn syrupy taste that most sauces started using over the last 10 years

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I prefer to go to the cooler section of the grocery store. Where they have packaged deli meats and such. They usually have a “home-made/store-made” pizza sauce in there. I prefer that to canned/jarred.

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@ChazMaz – Yeah, I’ve done the english muffin pizzas many times, nice for the quick pizza fix.

@evegrimm – That recipe sounds good, and very easy. It might take a bit of time, though Aquaman is cooking and perhaps crime underwater crime will be low that night! :)

@Kraigmo – Those are the ones I’ve seen and wondered if they are bland, or too sweet. I’ll have to check them out.

@RedPowerLady – Didn’t think of the cooler section, I’ll definitely check there and see what’s available.

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a simple tomato sauce is the only acceptable sauce for a pizza. anything else is blasphemy

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I like the sauce that comes with the Boli pizza kits, but you can’t get it by itself, or at least I haven’t found it.

We make our own sometimes with the following ingredients:
Tomato puree or crushed tomatoes
a touch of olive oil
garlic powder (you can use garlic salt, but omit salt later)
OREGANO- this makes pizza what it is
little bit of rosemary and thyme. You can add other savory spices but I would avoid basil because it’s slightly sweet and licorice-tasting which gives it more of a spaghetti sauce taste.
crushed red pepper if you like heat
salt & pepper to taste

Cook it on low-low/medium for a good while (20 min) so all the flavors blend. Be sure to stir often.

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@forestGeek The Ragu pizza sauce in the jar is perfectly acceptable. It is also spiced for pizza which pasta sauces aren’t.

I also make pizza without sauce per se. I use thinly sliced fresh tomatoes or miced fresh basil and garlic or a jarred olive tapanade or roasted red peppers. All of those are quick, easy and great.

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Use peeled San Marzano tomatoes (not San Marzano “style”) and good EVOO, and let the tomatoes cook slowly for a long time. I prefer to sautee chopped onions and minced garlic before adding the tomatoes, and I use a little thyme, a little rosemary, salt, red pepper flakes and freshly ground black pepper as seasoning.

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Trader Joes tomato sauce is pretty good, I also like to experiment with different spaghetti sauces.

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@drClaw : Ooh, Trader Joe’s is a good idea. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

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@all, these are all great ideas, thanks!

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While we are on the subject, does anyone have a pizza pizza dough recipe?

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go to the cold section where the pizza sauce is and they usually have a ball of dough too, lol

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I like Emeril’s Marinara. It’s pretty decent. However, if you have a crock pot throw in some olive oil, a can of tomato paste, a can of diced tomatoes (I like my pizza sauce chunky), some finely diced garlic, some basil, oregano and a bay leaf, and several cans of water to get it to a consistency you like. Leave it to simmer in the crock pot all day, then use it when making pizza that night.

What I like even better is “white” or “caprese” pizza – no sauce, but plenty of cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, and basil, or feta cheese, tomatoes and Greek olives.

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chef boyardee pizza sauce is available at MORE FOR LESS for $1.25 per 16 oz has a perfect blend of spices and bite.

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I can’t remember the name of the gourmet pizza sauce I bought at the Meijer in Royal Oak MI. It was fantactic. I went back to get more and they haven’t had it since. Haven’t tried to make my own, but I do make my own lasagna sauce.

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