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How can I transfer from a Comcast DVR to a flash drive via the USB port?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) November 4th, 2009 from iPhone

Just to clarify, this does not involve any pay channel movies or any type of piracy intentions.

We are dumping Comcast in favor of ATT Uverse ( yeah !) and the DVR needs to go back to Comcast.

There is a significant backlog of previously recorded programs which I haven’t watched yet.

The ” official” line from Comcast Is that the USB port is not activated which is absurd as I’ve never heard of that.

From what the ATT guy said, it’s more of a software issue but that’s all I know about it.

Even tho I’m rather a techno-tard, I’m hoping that some enterprising hacker type has figured out how to do this and can help me out.

My logical mind tells me that I can’t be the ONLY person who ever needed to do this, right.

Hopefully all the brilliant folks on Fluther can point me in the right direction.

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Unfortunately, all of the DVR data is proprietary, and cannot be transferred to another box or watched elsewhere.

As for the USB port not being active… this is actually a common thing. There are frequently operating system updates which are sent through the cable line, and are usually notified to you in the form of an orange light on the front of your box and an “envelope” message letting you know that your service has been updated.

When I bought my series 2 Tivo box, the USB port said “for future use” in the manual, and about 6 months later, an update was sent to the box which enabled it to be internet-ready via the use of a USB wi-fi adapter.

You might want to wait until you watch all of the shows on the box before you give the box back to Comcast, but get At&T service in the meantime.

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Great Question! My husband and i have often wondered the same thing. I wish I had an answer!

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I am currently watching and clearing the backlog even as I type, but there is only so much that can be done in a limited time period.

The ATT installation is not under my control to postpone. This is being handled by the landlord.

I am reasonably certain that there is no official Comcast approved way to do this. But there are plenty of “unofficial” workarounds for all sorts is things that greedy corporate entities do not approve of.

I mean, there are places selling one or another version of a “hackintosh” which Apple would not approve of, I’m sure.

That’s just one example of creative hacking. I can’t imagine no one has done it for this situation, but I just need to know how to find it.

What I want to do certainly falls under “fair use” since if it were a VCR there would be no problem.

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well it cant fit more then like 6 hour of video, i see a tv-thon in your future this week end.

It could be done but you need seriously os-designing skills, as everything is propietery, as in made up by comcast and not accessible. Also the people with these skills are not interested as they are on other things like hackintoshis (way bigger audience)

Hackintoshis are a diff problem as apple just puts a couple of restrictions on where the software can be installed, but the ‘cheker’ can be fooled. But its still not like you can run a .exe on a hackintosh.

So unless you get about 5 people from microsoft, 5 from apple, 10 from commcast and 5 from Motorola its impossible

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