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Would anyone like any left over chocolate cake? and if you would... what would you put on top of it to make it special for you?

Asked by nebule (16446points) November 4th, 2009

It’s my son’s 3rd birthday and after a fabulous party for him I have several fabulous slices left… why should I give it to you, because of your additional topping?... or just good reason… :-)

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My absolute favorite is yellow cake with chocolate icing but I would NEVER turn down any kind of cake. So chocolate with peanut butter icing in really good or just plain whipped cream is good too.

I am not particular when it comes to cake, I have that in common with Stephanie Plum.

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It’s not particularly good cake it’s just very very tasty..welll it’s cadburys

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I think I’ve earned it, killing myself at the gym for an hour today, then coming home to make dinner for three small children, eating dinner with them, and listening to their interesting dinner conversation about bodily functions. :) As for toppings, I have some vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles. Or, a raspberry sauce made from seedless raspberry jam might be nice.

And now that I think about it thanks to @rooeytoo ‘s peanut butter reference I have a recipe for peanut butter sauce around here somewhere…

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More chocolate. Maybe in the form of mini eggs.

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Ah – custard or whipped cream? I know custard and whipped cream!

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Who needs toppings? My favorite is warm, plain cake.

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Oh you just are aaaaallllll so makin my mouth water you naughty peeps

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I think I should like a nice thick layer of coffee butter cream frosting; a nice, rich fruity gelato, coffee and a snifter of cognac.

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@daloon that’s just naughty

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I hate chocolate.

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hot fudge sauce drizzled over the top and just a little whipped cream… yummmmmmm :-)
hugglys xx

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@MissAusten is winning….

@rangerr you’ve not tasted my chocolate cake ;-p lol but no..not weird at all

@bunnygrl nice

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Warm chocolate cake with “heavenly hash” ice cream (contains marshmallow swirl, chocolate chips, nuts etc).

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Drizzled caramel or a cream cheese frosting.

OK, drizzled caramel AND a cream cheese frosting, who am I kidding?

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oooooooh you are aaaalll sooooo naughty!!!!!

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oh hell, I’ll have one of each!!! (I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!)

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Mint chocolate chips!

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ooooooo love mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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and cherry

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My son’s 16th birthday was yesterday. I made a 12” choc chip cookie and got NONE of it…..

I did get some Lime Shebert tho

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FRESH whipped cream…. Mmmmm…

I got yelled at a lot today and it wasn’t my fault. I think I deserve it. :(

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How does very very tasty not equal good?

Fudge Swirl Ice cream With cut nuts

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I would slightly warm up some crunchy peanut butter and crush up some more peanuts to put on top of it. I swam laps today and I ran yesterday, so there should be chocolate and peanut butter for me. :^>

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I would probably just crumble it in a bowl with some oatmeal and whole milk.

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Vanilla Bean ice cream.

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Yes Please! As far as toppings go, just give me everything everyone else suggested, so long as it was serious.

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Or you could go with Kathy Griffin’s own special recipe.

“Cake Soup. It’s a thing I invented. Put a pint of Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream and two pieces of warm chocolate cake in a mixer. It’s disgusting.” —Kathy Griffin

What if that’s what she becomes known for instead of the Emmy speech? How funny would that be?

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@cyndyh I loved when she made that for Paula Deen… and then whacked her with a stick. :D

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I think that episode made me like both Kathy and Paula more than I did before. :^>

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@cyndyh I’m from the same area as Paula Deen… So I know how incredibly fake she is. I hate her. Plus her recipes, every one I’ve tried, turned out tasting like crap.

I wanted to give Kathy a cookie, a parade, something when she whacked her with that stick!

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Oh, yikes! I don’t have that much knowledge of Paula Deen before that show. I love hearing her talk though.

I thought the whole thing with her friend from Mad and the tampon threat was hilarious.

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I didn’t know that chocolate cake and ice-cream was such a popular combination…is it an American thing? or am I just sheltered!!?

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@lynneblundell – In America, cake and ice cream go together like French & Saunders. Like Rik & Ade. Like Mitchell & Webb. Like Pegg & Frost. Like the Doctor and some barely post-adolescent female… you get the idea.

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@lynneblundell : Yeah. You always serve ice cream with birthday cake when you can. It’s like something’s missing without. Ice cream also goes with pie. “A la mode” is about as French as we get (until you get really close to Canada, anyway).

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@cyndyh Yeah, they’re pretty awesome when they get together. :D

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wow…. I’ve learnt something amazing that I can fascinate people with tomorrow…thank you all xxx

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@lynneblundell You mean you’ve never had cake with Ice cream!!? Do it! DO IT NOW!!! You will thank yourself.

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Especially if the cake is still warm and the ice cream goes right on top of it. Seriously, you want to try this. Get out a cereal bowl now. Some very creamy vanilla ice cream (I like double vanilla) over rich chocolate cake. yummmmm.

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