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Where can i print out poster quality and sized prints of my art?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) November 4th, 2009

I draw a lot, mainly on computer programs, and most of my drawings are poster-size quality. now more and more of my friends are requesting pictures and posters and i want to be able to print them out and sell them. Does anyone know were i can print them out and how much it would cost?

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I have a free store at where I have sold prints of a lot of my work.
They do very nice work. I also use them for my exhibit prints.

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Kinkos. But I don’t know how much it would cost.

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Pretty reasonable prices, and there are always coupons online.

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Ritz Camera does a good job. The biggest they can do instantly is 24×36, which is 39.99 unless they’re running a special then it might be cheaper but that’s the usual price.

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Kinko’s would be a good bet if cost and time isn’t an issue. An 18X24 print would cost about $25, give or take, on “normal” paper, but the price goes up from there with different types of paper such as glossy.

If you go in, make sure your document is saved as an adobe PDF because otherwise they’ll throw a fit, and it’s a good chance it’ll actually come out right. Ask for a proof as well, to check colors and quality.

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You could try here, they have 18×24 posters for $2.

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Your best bet is to google “large format ink jet” That is going to be the best way of printing onesy, twozy quantity large prints that look pretty good. Note: as long as you aren’t blowing up a photo super large. That won’t look very good unless you shot at very high res.

Good Luck.

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