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Why are cats so attracted to birds?

Asked by daniel89x (280points) February 9th, 2008

My indoor house cat goes crazy when he see’s birds. Is a genetic thing? He’s never lived outside before.

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It’s because cats are attracted to the movement, or even the size of the birds. My cat is also an indoor cat and FREAKS out (in a fun way) whenever he sees a pigeon outside.

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Despite millenia of domestication, cats are still predators. Cats are generally attracted to any smaller animal as potential prey. As such, birds are natural prey.

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Cats also like Frontrow..

I also think movement is key. I have had many cats that have killed birds. They never eat them, they only catch them.

And watch the excellent follow-up.

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Yeah, this is why I encourage pet owners to keep their cats inside if at all possible. Because even a well-fed cat will kill birds, they can’t help it. It’s instinct!

Cat bites are also really “dirty” (from a bacteria perspective) so even if a cat doesn’t kill a bird, if it bites it, the bite usually becomes infected and the bird dies anyway.

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Because they’re delicious!

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Cats like to eat…Like you when you see a good commercial or wander by the Food Network channel surfing…Our “Great Grey Hunter” which has all kinds of bird kills to her credit, from House Sparrows and Humming Birds to a Stellar (Blue) Jay…The movement thing is key, she (the cat) will sit for hours over a gopher hole waiting…

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@boffin – It makes me really, really sad to hear you talking about all of the birds your cat has killed – hummingbirds and stellar jays? Geez. I wouldn’t say that those kills are “to her credit.”

I don’t blame cats for killing birds – they can’t help it. But maybe you should think a bit more about all the damage you cat is doing when you let her outside. House cats are not a natural part of North American ecosystems, and they kill millions of birds every year. The American Bird Conservancy has a campaign about keeping cats indoors for this reason:

I’m not trying to get preachy. I really like cats. I have had cats. But even though they sometimes “don’t like” to be inside I think they are better off, and certainly safer – they won’t get hit by cars or contract feline leukemia if you keep them in.

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Why do men like breast? Instinct. Just like the birds, breast are one of a man’s favorite prey.

Its just the firmware organisms ship with.

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Cats are not like dogs in the way that their behavior has not significantly changed from their big-cat ancestors (they’ve mainly just gotten smaller, cuter, and more willing to tolerate people). As others have said, they still have a strong instinct to hunt, and birds are just part of their natural prey. They probably taste pretty good.

Also, as @Amurph said, cats are attracted to movement. Cat eyesight is pretty limited compared to ours; in exchange for their “night vision” they have sacrificed full-color vision (most cats are red-green colorblind) and the ability to detect fine detail. Thus, movement is one of the main methods of detecting prey. Obviously, birds move a lot and in interesting ways, which sparks the instinct to hunt.

It is probably also a fun challenge to catch a bird. All cats like to have fun!

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