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Can I die from being too tired?

Asked by tyrantxseries (4719points) November 4th, 2009

Every day I get more tired(mentally and physically)
I sleep every night 8–10 hrs, day off 12–19 hrs.
every day is getting more “foggy” harder to concentrate, harder to move. my job is alot of mental/physical work
I’m in a constant state (feels like just before you fall asleep)
a little wile ago I took 4 days off from work and slept 20–23hrs every day wake up, go to the bathroom have something to eat, fall asleep
feels like I will fall asleep one night and not wake up again.
any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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How active are you when it comes to exercising? and what kind of food to you eat?

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Have you been to a doctor? It seems like such extreme fatigue could be the sign of a more serious problem (perhaps a thyroid problem?)

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yes, a human will normally die from lack of sleep after 11 or 12 days. to give you an idea just how serious that is, it takes about 30 to starve and about 5 to die from dehidration.

do you dream? if you dont dream i would say go to the Dr. if you do dream, consider going to the doctor anyway. if you dont dream you are not getting any REM sleep.

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@MrGeneVan, I exercise alot, walking/running/workout/ect
each meal I usually cover the main food groups.

@hannahsugs, no, I haven’t been to a doctor yet.

@poisonedantidote, I have no problem going to sleep, yes I dream, like regular sleep

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Go to the doctor. You may need a sleep study. My husband felt a lot like this – falls asleep instantly, sleeps for hours, but is always exhausted – and his sleep study showed he got no REM sleep. Please get it checked out. It could be a sign of something even more serious.

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well, then there is no imediate risk of death then. what im talking about is awake constantly for 11 or 12 days. not even a nap.

this is why i think guiness have now stoped keeping records of who can stay up the longest. its kind of like having a record for self inflicted punches.

maybe try some hot drinks before bed, try not to stay up to late.

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@poisonedantidote you don’t understand, I have a full nights sleep 8–10 hrs, get up and I’m just as tired as when I went to bed if not more. I have slept 22hrs in a row and have woken up just as tired.

@Supacase, I’ve done a few sleep study’s and I get more REM then most people

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@tyrantxseries go to a doctor then, its most likely a sleep disorder of some kind.

btw… do you know Tyler Durden? :P

seriously though, ask a doctor.

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maybe you’re just sleeping too much! you said you sleep 12–19 hours when you’re off? that’s wayy too much! i know that you probably still feel sleepy after 7–9 hours of sleep…we all do! but more sleep will just make you even sleepier. when you wake up still sleepy, give yourself more time to wake up…get a routine in the morning. i’m always half asleep for about 30–45 minutes after i wake up but since i have my routine, my body is used to it. i wake up, head upstairs, make breakfast, do my hair and make-up while eating and then i get dressed and leave. this all takes about an hour and by the time i leave, i’m usually almost fully awake.

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Sleeps great, same with the drowsy feeling you get after. I don’t like being fully awake.

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Your problem is medical, not work related…..take care of it.

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Everyone here seems to say medicine and/or therapy is the answer to every issue, I wonder if its just me that thinks this is odd.

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i was diagnosed years ago with an inabilty to get to stage 4 sleep. consequently my muscles never really relaxed and i always felt tired. i would nap at any given moment. a mild sedative saved me

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@faye Just curious, did you take any drugs or medication before the inability?

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nope, it just slowly got worse and worse

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Ah, I see.

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Do you have any swelling or joint stiffness?

You should go to the doctor and get a blood work-up done.

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As was said above, get your thyroid checked (i.e. go to the doctor and then have some blood work done). I had those same symptoms as a teen and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis's_thyroiditis. If it is the case that you have this and you don’t get it treated, you will eventually slip into a coma and then die. So yes, possibly.

I don’t want to get ahead of the discussion, but if you do have it, you’ll pretty much have to take the medicine (an artificial thyroid hormone pill) daily to avoid slipping back into this tiredness. It’s a raw deal all around.

The fogginess is part and parcel of this condition. You might also notice swelling at the base of either side of your throat.

You may want to tell your boss/HR department so that you don’t get dinged for performance issues, and so that you can legitimize the problem as a medical one.

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Was just about to suggest Hashimodo’s! My mom has it, too. GA @kevbo.

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@Samurai When there’s something that’s impairing function, it makes sense to suggest trying things that work for most people. The “need” for medication or therapy is generally defined as something that is necessary to address a problem that is impairing someone’s life/functioning in a major way. Suggesting therapy or seeing a doctor for something that might be helped by that makes perfect sense.

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@avvooooooo I guess I just don’t trust therapists, medicine, or doctors.

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@Samurai That’s you. But I don’t think its really fair to suggest to others that they don’t need any of the three just because you choose not to trust these things.

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@avvooooooo Yeah, I try not to suggest that they don’t need to, I just try to offer other options.

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There are a number of reasons why someone might sleep but yet be tired. It can be organic, such as problems with the thyroid, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, or an infection such as mononucleosis. It can be mental, as when someone is depressed or unduly stressed. In fact, according to wrong diagnosis there are 595 conditions, both physical and mental, that can be the cause of tiredness.

Because it is the result of so many possible problems, seeing a doctor is a good idea, so you can rule out a lot of things. Then, if tests do turn up a physical cause you can get medical treatment. If the tests show no organic cause, then at least you will know that you are physically healthy and so can consider other causes, such as depression.

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You could have chronic fatigue syndrome, or the onset of lupus. It’s silly to sit on here and second guess and worry without knowing what’s going on, or try home remedies. I am the queen of not going unless it the situation is dire. Being that fatigued is dire.

Go to the doctor, go to the doctor, go to the doctor. Your body is trying to tell you that something is not working correctly.

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No one has ever died from being too tired. My source is, “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie. I think to date, no one has questioned him on that.

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