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What are your favorite Fire Fox add ons.

Asked by ironhiway (1367points) February 9th, 2008

My Fire Fox just updated, and I was looking at some of the extensions just curious which ones your using and especially those you are now addicted to?

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Adblock Plus
Google Browser Sync

I use others but those are the ones that are essential. And the reasons I don’t use Safari.

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I second Firebug. It’s great when trying to figure out why your javascript doesnt work.

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Stumble Upon 3.16

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Adblock Plus
Download Statusbar
Add Bookmark Here 2
Colorful Tabs
Minimize to Tray

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Minimize to tray
Download Statusbar

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I guess the most important ones to me are Adblock Plus (duh), the extension (all my bookmarks, integrated, on every computer), linkification (I hate unclickable text links) and the webdeveloper toolbar (must-have for every webdeveloper).

However, Extension List Dumper is essential ;)

Application: Firefox (2008020710)
Operating System: Linux (x86-gcc3)

Total number of items: 28

- Adblock Filterset.G Updater
– Adblock Plus
– Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper 1.0.2
– Better Gmail 1.1.1
– Better GReader 0.2
– BugMeNot 1.3
– CustomizeGoogle 0.69
– Bookmarks 1.5.44
– Dictionary Switcher 0.8
– Digg This! 0.5
– Download Statusbar
– dragdropupload 1.5.23
– Dugged 0.4
– Extension List Dumper 1.11.0
– Html Validator
– Linkification 1.3.3
– LocationbarĀ² 0.9.1
– More Tools Menu 1.0.8
– Resurrect Pages 1.0.8
– Screen grab! 0.93
– Searchbar Autosizer 1.3.7
– SubmitToTab 0.3.5
– Tails 0.3.8
– Tamper Data 9.8.1
– ubufox 0.4~beta1
– User Agent Switcher 0.6.10
– Web Developer 1.1.4
– Woordenboek Nederlands 2.0.0

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Adblock Plus

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the meebo add-on for low-profile im-ing (cough slacking cough) at work, lol

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