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Why is " job dissatisfaction " so high these days?

Asked by SolitaryMan (252points) November 4th, 2009

I can’t remember people complaining so much about their job/career than as of late. What’s happening?

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1. Necessity is making people take crap jobs in order to live.
2. Complaining is now more socially acceptable than it was in the pollyanna 50s or “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” attitudes of years gone by. People don’t have to “just suck it up” when they can have a blog.
3. Jobs themselves are getting worse, as corporations find new and ever more devious ways to extract the most work for the least pay.

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People are taking pay cuts, having more work added, and have management that is playing head games about outsourcing or layoffs. Not exactly conducive to being a model employee.

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I think that people know that the job they are currently at is most likely where they are going to be for a while if they want a job at all, and it is probably just a way to release frustration for that fact.

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They probably don’t see anything in the future of the way that we live.

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and people don’t know if theirs is the next head to roll

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That is a sentiment commonly expressed by people who have yet to realize how much worse not having a job is.

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I’m going with @PandoraBoxx and @laureth on this one. As employers realize that they have a vice grip on their workers, they make the working conditions worse and worse.

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Most of the people I know (myself included) are doing more work for the same or less pay than we were a year or two ago.

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@Mamradpivo that’s what has happened to us. The company Hubby works for has decreased his department from a high of 8 back down to 3 which they haven’t had since 2004. He is back to on-call 24/7 with a small increase in pay.

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I have seen a turnover rate of 150% at one of the accounts I work for, and that was mostly caused by poor management skills. But then again, the world has changed. It is my opinion that people in my generation have a better work ethic than the younger ones, and we have a better understanding of what job loyalty means. I’m not saying that the people in my generation are smarter than the kids of today, but we do have the gumption to stick to a job and get it done, whereas a lot of the younger folks will get frustrated and quit. These might be broad generalizations, but to me, it seems that no one nowadays wants to hang tough and do the best job they can do, even if that job is something as humble as sweeping floors or cleaning toilets.

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I have seen new management come in, and rather than follow company policy and lay people off (lots of long term employees with decent reduction in workforce packages.) they are preparing for outsourcing most of the work. It’s a white collar, non-IT, non-customer service, knowledge worker department. Most of the teams are comprised of MBAs.

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I think there is a dissatisfaction of life in general these days.

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