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Do you follow anyone or have you been followed on fluther?

Asked by wundayatta (58738points) November 4th, 2009

If so, how do you do it? Is it something regular? Do you follow more than one person? Why do you do it?

Have you ever found out that you are being followed? How does that make you feel? How did you discover you are being followed?

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Yes, I am a stalker.
Checks for eponymoushipster..
I was over zealous about the Sea-Cheetah award…I’m ashamed. On a more sincere note, yes, ‘check up’ on people to see what they’ve been up to lately, who they’ve been chatting with and what they throw into their garbage…Don’t judge me..

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well, im quite new to fluther still, so im not too sure how it works exactly. i just assumed it is kind of like a friends list of sorts.

i just read the qustions i normally read, and if someone that is in my fluther has answerd a question i take special consideration to make sure i read it.

what is it exactly? im quite sure its probably different to most other sites systems.

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I often find myself checking in on the pegasus and zebra man. I find they both often have something great to offer. I don’t think I’ve been followed, but as long as it wasn’t creepy, I wouldn’t care too much.

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I never have followed anyone, and I’m pretty sure nobody is following me. That I know of. <looking over my shoulder>

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hmmm…I’ve never followed. I do notice if someone has been missing for a while and I’ll check to see when they last logged in.

I don’t know if I’ve been followed. My husband received a death threat not too long ago that mentioned his “pretty wife”. I hope I’m not being “followed”. creepy!!!

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No, I don’t believe I’ve ever done that*. Someone told me they were following me on another site once (it really was nothing other than that the two of us had kind of become “friends” on that site). I don’t know if anyone stalks/follows me here, but I highly doubt it.

I’ve definitely had trolls appear to stalk me. (Not on this site!).

Edit: *Actually, I did find myself checking for questions from le_inferno. But that’s because I’ve known her for so long and she doesn’t come on here often and her questions are always good and often controversial.

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I do check periodically for questions from members of my Fluther, but I don’t know that you should call it following someone. It isn’t stalking, either. I have just added folks whose questions and comments I enjoy.

Someone apparently was following me (well, I considered it stalking) on another site so she could make rude comments every time I said something, but she seems to have left the building. And no, her name was not Elvis!

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@jonsblond Oh my gosh! You better be packing some heat!

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@augustlan I thought I just might find you here. :P

I don’t follow anyone and I don’t think I’m being followed, but there are some questions I normally wouldn’t read until I see who wrote them. Some are because I think the people are very interesting, and some because I like to frustrate myself.

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Occasionally I check to see when adreamofautumn last logged in, since she alleged that she was going to return to Fluther some weeks ago, but did not… Of course I know her in real life and we dated for six months that one time so I feel somewhat vindicated in this mild “following” behavior. :)

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There is a couple people that I just really enjoy their questions and answers so every once in awhile I will check and see their new questions but other than that I try not stalk people anymore after that last restraining order I got.

I’m pretty sure know one follows me because I am neither cool or interesting.

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No, I do not follow anyone and I never have. How would I know if I was being stalked? I highly doubt anyone would bother.

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Never been followed.

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I have stalked a few people in the last couple of days trying to figure out what they did to get those secret awards!!

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Well, with the nifty new community feed, I’ll notice a jelly I like getting a great answer and I’ll go to check it out….not really stalking though.

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@augustlan ; I have stalked your questions and answers before :-)

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I will usually “follow” someone and check out their page for their other questions or answers if (one of) their answer(s) or question(s) really stand out to me… it makes me greedy of more yummy morsels of fluthering they might have done. But It’s usually a one time intake and not a consistent following.

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I thought when you put someone in your Fluther, you would be notified when they pose a question, but I don’t think that happens, does it???

I don’t follow anyone, I just read the questions and if they intrigue me, I answer!

There are some people though whose questions are always exceptional and worth a go!

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I don’t think anyone follows me. I do give certain people’s questions more of a look, but I don’t “stalk” anyone. That’s weird!

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@rooeytoo If you click on “your fluther” on the main questions page, you’ll see only questions asked by those in your fluther.

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@rooeytoo – When you click on “Questions for You” you will see three headings at the top of the list of questions. If you click on “Your Fluther” you will see just the questions posted by folks in your Fluther. You aren’t exactly notified, but it makes it easy to check if you want to.

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I think I just gave an answer to this thread on another question. it must be getting late.

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I follow @poisonedantidote for spelling and grammar tips. JK!

I do follow you, @daloon and the zebra-meister, TAFKA-Evelyn’s pet. I follow a few others, especially the babes with brains (like @jeruba – * sigh *).


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@augustlan & @Darwin – thank you, I have only been here for what now almost 2 years, heheheh and I never knew that!

I am a little slow, probably cuz I am way down under!

Cheers Mateys!

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I don’t follow. I hack trails through the underbrush and later people who are off the beaten path “discover” them.

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Don’t we all? Fluther is based on adding people of interest to your own collective and interact with them, to be honest that’s one of the things that make this site great. Who would still hang out here if there were no usernames, just anonymous #1, #2, and so on.

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Don’t follow/never been followed. I do feel it’s something of a treat when I see a dalepetrie question or reply.

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I agree with @Darwin and @rooeytoo I thought that was the whole point of adding people to your Fluther. I click on the link that takes me to questions only asked by the people in my Fluther about once a day and if I see something i like then I will answer it. That is as far as my “stalking” goes.

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I guess you could say that I follow the ones who have become personal friends of mine. Not in a malicious way, of course. I’m just interested in what they say.

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Certain users have the ability to immediately draw my eye to their answers, but beyond that, nah.

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