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How often do you check the Feed, and does it affect your fluthering?

Asked by NewZen (3502points) November 5th, 2009

I can’t turn away – like a road accident – I want to, but I can’t. Tim and the genii at flutherville must be on to something; I have left fluther under my former nickname because I found that at 5k and hundreds of questions and thousands of replies, I was fluthering for the wrong reason – for lurve – whatever that is (plus fourbucks will get you a coffee at you know where).

I left, started a newzen nick, clean slate, just as these awards began. Aiiiyeee! I guess I am “old school”: I just want to chat with people, be silly, be serious, get opinions, feel smart with newbies and feel dumb with Matt Brownes. I guess I just want to talk, communicate and learn.

Thus, the awards are more of what I did not want. It’s like a game (which I don’t play, btw – even my teens know not play games on my PC).

And then there’s you – and your thoughts about the Community Feed and the awards system; do you find yourself checking it out – and how often, and does it affect your fluthering?

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Even worse is I don’t bother checking the feed for others’ accomplishments. My eyes dart after every refresh to my lurve count and that is all.

Well, that is an exaggeration. I do look occasionally. Just not as compulsively as at my own lurvelevels.

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I know @nxknxk – it’s so time consuming and useless!—I gave you a GA – quick gimme a GQ fix!!!

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What a strange frottage is this.

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I think markyy is stuck in the crafting zone.

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Markyy is a slow typer, better get yourself a cup of coffee while I finish up ;)

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Thinks it’s always worth the wait when it comes to @markyy

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Stop pressuring me! I was going to write a crappy stupid post and now I have to write something that makes sense, you’re taking all the fun out of fluther :P

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I check every time I think of it, which is just about every question. It’s a hoot to see one name pop up a half dozen times for one quip. I’ve really lost it, haven’t I

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I’ve never looked at it on purpose.

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Is this “feed” not available to those using an iPhone? Or am I just REALLY out of the loop?

And what exactly does the feed show?

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I look over now and then but it really doesn’t matter much to me. I do see my Town Dog go flashing past every once in a while and that is kind of neat.

It is all these awards that are confusing me. Especially the ones that people are apparently hunting for. It sounds like a scavenger hunt but I didn’t get the list. So I just pretend I know what everyone is talking about but in fact I don’t have a clue

(just in case you are interested, the Aussies are playing India in 1 day cricket or 50 overs and Harbhajan Singh is bowling. I just love that name, it sounds like music when you say it and he is such a bad boy, always in some sort of trouble, just in case you’re interested)

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I don’t pay any attention to it, except that it makes the Browse link fall below the page break, and that’s annoying. I don’t pay attention to my Lurve, either.

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It’s like awards. Does nothin’ for me. Bells and whistles.

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I glance at them to see which avatars are on the the first page, other than that I don’t pay much attention.

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I’m not paying a whole lot of attention to it. It changes so damn fast that I lose interest.

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i like it but i’m a newbie. i can see how you might write answers and questions for points,tho

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I follow it compulsively, but only for the main events. Sometimes I’ll catch a name I’ve never seen, and then I’ll click them to find new people (check questions they’ve posted, look at some of their answers). I really use it to keep an eye on people who’ve hit 10 and 20K, because i don’t want to miss congratulating someone I think has done a good job. I got into the silver awards for a few days, and then I realized that I was ignoring good questions on my ridiculous quest, so I’m taking a break from that. All in all, I think it’s improved my fluther experience, but it could become an unhealthy addiction.

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@NewZen: Go outside and get some exercise. What is with this fixation?

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I was going to say, “what feed?” Then you specified the Community Feed which seems always to lurk there like a malevolent shadow. I don’t really know what it is, and I don’t understand why it seems to show up, and I kind of wish it would go away. Maybe we could have an option to remove it? It is annoying because I really don’t understand what these awards are, and they make me anxious because I wonder what they are and I really don’t want them to be there at all.

It is a feed, I think. Like we’re all pigs with our feet in the trough, blissfully chowing down, unaware that the slaughterhouse door is right around the corner.

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I don’t check it really often at all. I just like Fluthering. Lurve and Awards are just a neat little game to me.

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There is more to the feed than just vanity. One of the side effects (I think) the feed was designed for, is to give a sense of how lively fluther is. It’s not some ghosttown hidden on the web, it’s a busy community working around the clock.

I really do see potential in the Community Feed. I have a feeling that as Fluther grows, so will the Community Feed. It’s a good way to centralize information (blogposts, awards, userstats) as well as activity (did you notice the ‘new blog posts’ block is gone?).

Ps. I’m really hoping that userstats and some chatroom info (Users online, and such) magically appear in the Feed someday. Once or If we get a real one integrated on the site that is, not the campfire chatroom we use now as that would be rather difficult to achieve technically.

PPs. Does anyone else think it’s weird that there is something called a community feed without a RSS link on the site?

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Oh and sorry @NewZen, for making you wait so long! I forgot all about this thread after i was called away. Only when I checked my ‘activity for you’ I remember you must still be sitting behind your computer all dehydrated and malnourished waiting for my answer! I apologize a thousand times!

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@gailcalled You’d be surprised at how very little time I spend here – and you are taking my questions too seriously. Also, just because I ask something, doesn’t mean I subscribe to the idea. You haven’t read the details in detail, methinks. You get a Grouch’o Marx award for that.

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@Buttonstc There is a constantly updated list of awards that people receive, as they receive them, on the right hand side of the screen. The heading is Community Feed.

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