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Great Question versus Flag; other possible options and variations?

Asked by NewZen (3502points) November 5th, 2009

I keep driving the mods nuts – as I tend to flag questions (even my own) but for the wrong reasons, i.e., I want to flag them positively. Great Question is so – flutheric – I’d like to be able to flag the question as “Brilliant” (teens: read “Awesome!”) or maybe, “Original!” (teens, read: “Awesome!”).

As Carrie Bradshaw might ponder: Can you flag a question in a positive way, and still get extra sex lurve?

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I suggested this on the “Suggestions” thread, but here it goes again:

On Ravelry, instead of just “Great Answer” (or “Question”), there are other ways to show

“Educational”, “Interesting”, “Funny”, “Agree”, “Disagree”, and “Love”

Obviously, since it’s Ravelry’s “thing”, it would need to be different, but I feel that something akin to this would be an excellent path for Fluther to take—and a great way to achieve new awards.

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I’d suggest you stop bugging the mods.

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I find these constant refinements to Fluther distracting from the main purpose for me. Let’s keep our lurve pure and unsullied!

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As usual, I agree with janbb. NewZen; you need a reason to get outside and run some of that energy off.

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[mod says:] If you think the question is a great one, you should let the asker know, not the mods. So, you should GA if you like it, not flag.

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There’s no point to flagging something positively.

The person who posted the quip/question never sees the flag, positive or negative. Only the mods see it.

The only action mods take on flagged quips/questions is to remove them. What would you have them do with a positive flag? Change it’s position in the stream? Because that’s not gonna happen.

If you want to share your positive feelings, first GA/GQ and if needed, follow up with a PM. We all like positive feedback and that’s the best way to get it direct to the intended recipient.

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I’m with @robmandu And the others. Why not give lurve then PM the person and explain why/how you thought their question or answer was so fab in your mind.

I’d rather people participated in sharing instead of concerning themselves with lurve and awards.

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You just need more to do buddy. :)

I like the idea of PMing the asker instead of the mods when you think its a great question.

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