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how can i add people in AIM but if i dont know their e-mail..i want to find online people with their nick names

Asked by vikincetooo1 (5points) February 9th, 2008

please help me

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please answer =(( i really need this ..=SS

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aim people ARE NOT specifically added by email. you can choose ANY NAME you want on aim if it is not taken. they have actual names (and the name might not even EXIST as an email address) i have used AIM for a very long time.

you can add anyone and see them (unless their preferences have you under block or their preferences are set up a certain way). and there is no “permission” for example one of the bots is Shoppingbuddy which is an aol robot that tells you about shopping etc.

so sometimes you can GUESS names of people. the trick depends on how much people love their specific id. for example, if a person has used for 10 years, they likely will use sexysuzy as their ID on aim.

sometimes people also list their AIM names on another type of profile or board. however sometimes people use the dumbest names on aim you will never find it out. so if you know their facebook or myspace names that is a clue too.

however if you KNOW these people why not just ask them their AIM. guessing and just adding the nick, it might be the right person it might not, if someone else grabbed the name first.


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