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When a website has a big makeover are you the first to jump in and use it or do you like to stick with the old design?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) November 5th, 2009

Websites such as Yahoo!, MSN, and CNN have recently been experimenting with extreme design changes. A lot of the time there is a preview page for the new design that users can choose whether or not to begin using it. Are you one to begin playing with the new design right away or do you like to stick with the old design unless you have to switch?

I love to play around with the new design, it’s exciting for me, yet my wife gets used to the original and won’t switch over until she has to.

A couple examples:
– Yahoo! Old | New
– MSN Old | New
– CNN: have to use New

Do you know of other sites that are testing out new design? Which do you like better, the old or new?

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it really depends if its better or not. take youtube for example, while the new channel design does look better, its not nearly half as efficient as the old design.

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Both the Yahoo links are the same…

I like using new looks, if there is an option I always use the new site.

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@J0E They’re actually not, but if you have already switched to the new Yahoo! it will automatically direct you to it.

BTW, if you hate the new sidebar on the new Yahoo! page, click on Page Options to the right on the purple bar and click on Switch to compact view.

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I love testing new sites, but then again that is part of my job so I guess I may not count.

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I usually like it, except for the changes Facebook has make. Dang, I wish they’d switch it back!

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@erichw1504 What a load of bull! These people actually LIKE it! Not MY circle of friends!

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It usually takes me ages to start with the new one, normally not until I’m forced to. Yahoo is my home page and I just stuck with the old one for ages, same happened when facebook changed I waited while I was forced to change.

In my case it’s just shear laziness and thinking “fuck it, I’ll look at it later, I only came here to (send an email, check my messages, stalk someone etc)”

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@erichw1504 thanks for the Yahoo tip, much better !

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@jbfletcherfan I liked most of the changes to FB, except when they brought apps in. Although now they’ve built Facebook Lite Which is pretty neat.

I love trying out new site designs ^^

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@acidlogik The apps don’t work as well for me now. I’m constantly having to refresh everything I do. I also don’t need to know when someone gets a new friend. Who cares???

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@jbfletcherfan To fix that crap, go to the menu at the top left of your FB page. Drag “status updates” to the top, then click on it. Viola! No more “so and so is now a fan of this” & “X and Z are now friends”. The only trouble is, you lose the picture stuff on the right. :(

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I do often try the design right away, the only site that’s been letting me down hitherto is Wikipedia (sign up/login and switch to beta, it’s terrible…).

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I usually try the new designs, especially if they say Beta on them. I hated the Yahoo change, because it doesn’t/didn’t work properly. I changed back to the old one, but there is a banner saying I won’t have a choice after November 11. I just hope they have the kinks out of it by then.

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@augustlan yeah, I’ve done that & I hate THAT even more! Why didn’t they just leave things alone!!??

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