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Can you tell me why the typing on my computer won't space and is so slow?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) November 5th, 2009

I had some probs with a corrupt file…and got help here from that. (Thanks, PD). Everything seemed fine..again. But I noticed that when typing on my Google Email….it was slooowww or I would type a letter (as in “a” or “e”) and it would not come onto the screen. I would have to backspace and do it again. I strike the key or spacebar….and it may or may not type or space….that sort of thing.

I asked Google forums…and they said it was Skype that might be a I uninstalled it. Well, now… is typing really slooooww or not inputting letters on everything….including fluther and google mail.

I added Carbonite to back up my files…but that was before uninstalling Skype….and I was fine typing on everything (but Google) with Carbonite.

Any ideas… this is maddening….not being able to type quickly or having to go back to type in missing letters.


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what are the specs of the machine?
HD space left

Restart the computer
Update everything.

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Are you sure it’s not something wrong with the connections from your keyboard, or with your keyboard itself?

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