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I need help in writting a sponsor letter

Asked by zdenkakari (1points) February 9th, 2008

We are an organization that is part of the School of Public Health in our university. We need money to put together a project for Public Health Week. We want to go out into the comunity and educate about climate change and how is affecting our planet.

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Funny thing, I wrote a sponsor letter just last week. Here’s what I included:

- Project info and goals

- Short bit about key participants

- A bit longer on key parts: in our case, an off road vehicle

- Rough financial plan: what we need the money for

- Media strategy: how we plan to promote the project

- Ways that the sponsors can get their money’s worth: mentioning them in the media and at our web site, motivational speeches for their employees etc.

No matter what you come up with, the key thing in the end is getting good contacts. I.e. getting to know the right people in the right companies.

Good luck :-)

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