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Is there a government regulation against proofreading for long hours?

Asked by give_seek (1285points) November 5th, 2009

I’m trying to help a friend fill a position for a proofreader. He mentioned that there may be overtime required for the job.

I spoke to someone who expressed an interest in the position. When I mentioned the overtime, she told me there is a government regulation against that to prevent eyestrain.

I’ve never heard of that . . . in 25 years of working in HR. I just searched the Net and could find no such animal. Has anyone heard of this?

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I strongly doubt there is a ‘government’ regulation about that. There may be some labor regulations that cover it, or company policy. Maybe your friend can give you a source for his comment.

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Sounds like bullshit and the person lied to get out of working overtime. I have had jobs writing code for 12+ hours per day. Nobody has ever mentioned anything about any such law.

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I highly doubt this is true. I think that person is pulling your leg because he doesn’t want to work overtime. if what he says was true, my company would be in serious trouble, because we do alot of ovetime, and get eyestrain on an almost daily basis. You should tell him there is a company regulation against hiring bullshitters, and look elsewhere!

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I found this article about eye safety, there might be something on eyestrain. A search on eyestrain safety regulations turned up a lot of interesting looking sites, maybe you could find something there.

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Are you in the US?

If so, there are three basic levels of laws covering working practices. In short, local, state, federal. On the federal level, it’s all covered by OSHA, who has nothing about this. ( State and local regs may vary, but I doubt any of them have passed regulation specific to proofreaders (in particular, might also apply to grad students, which could be problematic)

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Thank you all for your input—except for frdelrosario who was unnecessarily rude. If you have beef with Fluther, please consider taking it up with the Fluther team and not lashing out in the discussion areas of people who are seeking honest advise and information to solve real problems.

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If your friend would consider part time help, then consider this an application.

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