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If you had a 16ft x 18ft finished basement in your house. How would you utilize it?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) February 9th, 2008

The house we bought about two years ago has a wonderful 16’x18’ finished basement. It’s carpeted and painted and climate controlled. We just can’t seem to decide what to do with it. For a while it was a media room, but we got to where we never really went down there much. Now it is a guest bedroom although there is no restroom down there. I was just looking for some unique ideas about what to do with it. Also, we have two little children three and 6 years old.

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Sound studio.

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It’s the Getaway Room!!! Keep it unfurnished except for a table, two straight chairs, and
a very comfy sofa. Have at least one good reading light. Get some storage cupboards.
DO NOT DESIGNATE its use. People will gotthere when they need to be by themselves. Wait three years, you’ll need this, and so will each of your kids, and so will your mothers-in-law. \BTW consider that until the l980’s there was not a bathroomf for
every living soul in a household. People had to share, wait, and fan bad smells out of windows. Don’t worry about there not being a guest bathroom. But since there isn’t one,
you now have a Getaway Room. Very, very civilized.

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A ping-pong/pool table might be nice. But then again I do like ping-pong more than the average person. You could also set up a play corner for the kids. They’ll love all of their toys and things in one nicely accessible place. As an added bonus the toys are out of the way from day to day living (no more tripping on that stupid doll again ).

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Two words: Sex Dungeon.

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Varies on your needs…Meditation/Prayer Room, Audio Visual Room, and YES @susanc carpeted with good reading light and comfy sofa it can be a Getaway Room complete with scattered 4–6 throw pillows around…

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A home theater system – flat screen tv and awesome surround sound.

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paint it chroma green and reshoot the fight scenes from The Matrix

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make a bomb shalter

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Yes! Make a bomb shalter! I love shalters! Because if I need a non-word place to go, there it is: the bomb shalter! And it’s…the bomb! shalter…

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Don’t forget to put a frizzer in your shalter so that you can keep your molk cald.

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