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Where to eat for Thanksgiving?

Asked by robmandu (21242points) November 5th, 2009

My family and I will be traveling around Orlando, Florida for Thanksgiving. We won’t be near any other family or friends though. So we likely will eat out at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.

What do you suggest for something fun, memorable, and with Thanksgiving-themed food?

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I don’t know of any places with Thanksgiving-themed food, besides maybe Eat’n Park or Bob Evans..I always used to tell my mom that my family would just go out for Chinese so I don’t have to stuff a turkey.

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fry a turkey, it takes 45 mins.

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we deep-fried a turkey for our Canadian thanksgiving. it was great! Hard to do travelling, tho, lol. Check the yellow pages. Newspapers often advertise buffets.

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I am considering going out for Chinese food. Try the duck.

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Yelp the restaurants in the area where you’ll be visiting and check for Mom and Pop type restaurants. They frequently offer a Thanksgiving meal for $15 per person with all the trimmings and dessert.

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There is a restaurant in Orlando at Downtown Disney called “Earl of Sandwich” where they have a sandwich called the All-American which is their take on Thanksgiving dinner (complete with turkey and cranberry sauce). So good!

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Would you want to eat on Disney Property? If you call the main reservation line I am sure they can tell you which restaurants will be serving a traditonal Thanksgiving menu. I have been to Disney during Thanksgiving, but I don’t think we worried about the food.

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Here is the number 407-WDW-DINE or (407) 939–3463

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ANNNNDDDD, you could dine with a princess or possibly see Mickey.

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@JLeslie, I think we’re down for breakfast with the characters one day already. That’ll be enough for me. ;-)

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You could get catering to your motel room, if you have a suite or big enough room.

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@robmandu Can I just make sure I suggest that you go on the ride Soarin’ in Epcot. I love that ride. It is inside The Land. Get a fast pass, eat lunch, ride the other ride in The Land about the earth and then it should be time to use your fast pass. It’s great.

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@JLeslie I second that. They have excellent panini sandwiches in The Land, and those Mickey shaped pumpkins on the “Listen to the Land” boat ride are so cool.

@robmandu There is also a “rotating restaurant” inside The Land next to the Lion King movie. They might have a Thanksgiving meal.

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Cracker Barrel is open on thanksgiving day. They have all the fixins for a traditional thanksgiving feast :)

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Liberty Tree Tavern at Walt Disney World if you can get a reservation this late in the game.

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Another vote for Cracker Barrel here.

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Be carefull! Look what happened in Orlando today

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@scamp Looks like they have the guy in custody. Lets go back to Mickey and the rides. At Disney Studios the Extreme Stunt Show, it’s a car stunt show, is EXCELLENT. It is only twice a day I think so you have to find out the times before you go to the park so you can plan.

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@JLeslie I think @robmandu was looking for sugestions on whree to eat, not what rides to go on. I found a list of suggestions here, but I cast a third vote for cracker barrel. They have great down home food and decent prices.

If you do have duck, don’t forget to sing deck the halls like they did in
Christmas Story

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@scamp I know he/she wanted places to eat, I suggested above to call Disneys central dining line, but I could not help telling him the two best newer things at Disney. I don’t want him to miss them.

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Kinda surprised at no mention of Golden Corrall yet. ツ

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@robmandu OMG my mom loves that place. I find it very funny.

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@robmandu ; When I found the Liberty Tavern the first thing I thought was “What a great place to spend Thanksgiving.” It’s like Disney designed it with tThanksgiving in mind.

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So, where’d you guys eat?

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Our lodging had a full kitchen, so we ended up buying the groceries and cooking ‘em up. Watched football and a movie. Great day.

BTW, we did check out the Liberty Tavern and if I could pick any place on the Disney property, that’d’ve been it.

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I wonder how crazy the Liberty Tavern was on Thanksgiving day though. I told you it was perfect!

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The pot roast there is the best!

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