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How bad or good do shows recorded in VHS look on a 32" HDTV?

Asked by wildog426 (37points) February 9th, 2008

I like to record shows to watch later and I really don’t want to switch to a Tivo-like service.

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Compared to what is available, VHS on any TV nowadays doesn’t look too flash. That said, I wouldn’t think that a VHS would look any worse on a 32” HDTV than on anything else, so if VHS is your preferred medium, then it should be fine.

By the way, you don’t need a Tivo-like “service” to record shows, have you considered an ordinary HDD and/or DVD recorder? I don’t know why people spend money on buying a Tivo, and then have to pay a monthly fee for it (we don’t have TIvo here in Australia yet, though)

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jonno, could you elaborate on the HDD alternative please?

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If you’re a technical type, you might check MythTV. If you have a Mac check Elgato’s EyeTV.

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Well, hard drive recorders (I’m talking about a PVR – a seperate unit, they generally have nothing to do with computers) work much like a Tivo or video recorder, you can make recordings and they will save to the hard drive of the recorder, which you can retrieve later.

If you get a hard drive recorder with an inbuilt digital tuner, you can also schedule free to air programmes to record as long as the channel broadcasts its schedule.

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