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Is it better to leave the shower curtain open or closed when not in use?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11656points) November 6th, 2009

My housemates and I disagree. I always thought that if it’s closed the water vapor can’t evaporate and mold grows. Any ideas?

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We usually draw it closed after showers, since it’s a lot easier to clean tile than the curtain. I have found this extends the life of the liner shower curtain, which gets replaced about 4 times a year.

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I make sure everything is dry and close it. i have a pretty shower curtain to show off.

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You are completely right. Rinse the curtain before you get out of the shower too.

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I leave it closed, because mold can develop in the folds, which stay moist longer.

Here’s a resource you can quote to your roommates supporting your position:

“A good thing to do with the shower curtain after a shower is to draw the shower curtain the length of the tub, so that it will dry quicker. Keep in mind that the plastic lining should stay inside the tub while it is drying. The bathroom door would be best left open too for ventilation and to help speed up the drying process of the curtain.”

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As far as mold goes, it’s better to keep it open and let it air out. But it’s more aesthetically pleasing to have it closed :)

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Marina said it all.

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Closed. Who wants to see what your shower looks like?

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Open. I like it to dry out. We use shower spray and a squeegee, too.

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Closed, then open. When we had a shower curtain, we tended to let it dry out by leaving it closed for a while after the latest shower, and then pull it open after that. Now, however, we only have glass doors, and we keep them closed.

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I leave it wide open—even when I take showers.

—I don’t want no stinkin’ PSYCHO thing hydun behind my showah curtin OR sneakun’ up awn me durin’ my showah evahry night !

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I gots me a cute Andy Warhol shower curtain. As soon as I’m down with the shower, I close it. When I’m soaking in the tub, it’s open.

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The real question is: Is it better to leave the shower curtain open or closed during use?

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I like to leave it closed because it looks better, but everytime I use the bathroom I have to check, that there’s no one hiding in the tub.. =)

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Close it. Nobody needs to be looking in there at your shower stuff (and I like to show my pretty shower curtain too). Same rule applies to the toilet lid. There’s no reason to have to look in the toilet when it’s not in use.

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@essieness I have a pocket shower curtain, that way the tub always looks priiiiity!

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@SpatzieLover Wow, I’ve never even heard of that. Cool!

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@essieness They’re awesome! I’m giving them out for x-mas this year with bath stuff.

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@mcbealer I periodically throw the shower curtain in the wash.

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@Zen_Again ~ same here, but I toss the actual liner out and replace it 4 times a year since it gets cloudy with soap scum etc.

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