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How do I care for wooden kitchen utensils?

Asked by gggritso (5449points) November 7th, 2009

Like any kitchen, ours has a few wooden cooking utensils that we use quite often: stirring spoons, spatulas, cooking boards, etc. Lately I noticed that most of them are starting to warp and even crack. Is this because they are of poor quality or because we don’t take care of them? If it’s the latter, what can we do to prevent them from breaking?

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Let me count the ways:

1. Dry them by hand after you wash them.
2. Never let them soak.
3. Wipe them down with mineral oil once in a while.

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Also best not to run them through the dishwasher if you want them to last. I guess that could be inferred by @pdworkin ‘s response though…

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In our house the only way to get them to really last is to lock the dog out in the yard when we cook.

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as @pdworkin said use mineral oil every once in a while, same goes for wooden cutting boards. Get a food grade oil, you can’t use a cooking oil because it will go rancid.

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I don’t. they’re cheap. use ‘em up, buy a new one

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@pdworkin beat me to the punch.

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@janbb What are you, Kool-Aid?

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Beats pdworkin over the head with a (clean?) wooden spoon.

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What am I, a drum?

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Where’s Jeruba? She’d bring all this nonsense to a halt.

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~If you two do not stop you will both get a time out and NOBODY will get to lick the spoon!

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@Dog Are you Jeruba?

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@janbb Just helping her out ;)

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if you lick them they will warp

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@Dog After gailcalled and Jeruba retire, you can be Queen of Fluther!

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@janbb No thanks :) I will just lurk about and try to inject humor when it is allowable.

@pdworkin You are right. Nobody lick that spoon!

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@Dog We can do that together.

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I’m gonna tell @augustlan

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@pdworkin Oh no – don’t tell Mommy on us!

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@gggritso Sorry- we got a bit out of hand :) .

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I’m not sure if I should even answer after all of ^that^!! Certainly all of the care instructions are good but it could also be a quality issue. I have wooden spoons from the grocery store that are a bit cracked etc. I have some much nicer ones of olive wood that are standing up to use much better. I also like the bamboo ones.

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