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asap birthday help

Asked by ishotthesheriff (1555points) February 10th, 2008

my best friends birthday is in two days and i’m clueless. the thing is, she lives about an hour away so i most likely can’t visit her. and i’m pretty much broke. and i’m just wondering if anyone has some amazing ideas. maybe i could make a CD mix in the form of a .rar file haha
she’s turning 18
and is a photographer.
if that helps any

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Make a movie of photographs of the two of you and overlay with a memorable song specific to a time you share. Shouldn’t take too long if you only use stills. I did something similar for my friend’s 18th. She cried. It was awesome!

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haha thanks a lot! maybe i’ll try that.

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You can also add other random photos that you can find that reflect her personality. They could be yours or swipe some online. You can add various text or subtitles to them… It could be like a musical, photo montage of what she means to you. Its free and if you really get into the idea & do it right, will probably be the most meaningful gift she gets.

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Etsy is a site where artists, crafters, designers etc, sell their homemade wares and other items. You can find a great, inexpensive gift on here. For your age range and budget, I’d shoot for a chain with a camera pendant on it. Take a look through these items:

This one is only 8 bucks:

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wow thanks so much guys. truly.
be blessed.

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ps. i just bought her that necklace. thank you so much!

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