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What plants could I use to give my garden a Middle Earth feel?

Asked by Lacroix (537points) November 7th, 2009

I love the lush, exotic trees and flowers that you see in the LOTR movies, or read about in the books. I’d like to achieve a similar sense of awe with my garden, which will be planted in front of my house, but I’m unsure of which plants offer the greatest visual impact, knowing very few varieties of plants myself.

It may help to know that I live in Memphis, Tennessee, and that the gardening zone is 7A.

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Wisteria is a vine that will grow beautiful flowers that rip down and perfume the air (but they need serious and heavy pruning yearly.) Grape vines, clematis, bougainvillea, camillas, climbing roses, giant ferns, hibiscus, pittisporum are lush.

Go see local botanical gardens for ideas. Gardeners LOVE to share info (and often baby plants.)

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I thought this was pretty awesome. It describes the fictional plants from the novels.

What @gailcalled wrote would be great!
I would love to see pix of a middle earth garden.

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@Dog: Too bad that I live in Zone 4B.

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For that kind of garden I would need 1000 grow lights. I love Wisconsin, but year around glorious outdoor gardens we ain’t got…

nor do we have Memphis BBQ, BB King’s Joint or the Peabody…ducks in the elevator anybody?

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What exactly is a “middle earth” garden or should I just google, heheheh???

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: There are ways of having a very nice garden during the frost-free time. I have spectacular peonies that winter over nicely, as do monks’ hood, foxglove, obedience plant, hardy roses, clematis, catnip, sedums, sunflowers, black-eyed susans, cone flowers, baptisia ,gooseneck loosestrife, mallow, comfrey, bee balm and globe thistles, for starters.

(Edit: Wisteria flowers drip down, like grapes do.)

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@rooeytoo “Middle Earth” is from The Lord of the Rings.

Sounds like a fantastic garden!

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@augustlan – thanks I did google it but couldn’t find anything, I probably didn’t look hard enough!

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You could try growing in containers… the various kinds of elephant ears, brugmansia… there are a lot of tropical-looking plants that will do well in containers & can be wintered over indoors.

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