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My neck itches every time i shave... why?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) November 7th, 2009

I’m 14 years old. started to shave when i was 13. i have a full beard and I’m now starting to shave every 2 or 3 days. However, as of last month, my neck has been becoming very itchy after i shave, and sometimes even stings if i sweat. The first time i noticed this i had tiny red bumps all over the areas i shaved my neck. My friends claimed it was because i hadn’t used aftershave. now i use it, the bumps are gone and the itching has decreased a lot, but still continues… what should i do? i use the Gillette “Mach 3 Turbo” razor, Gillette “Foamy Aloe & Allantoin” foam, and Gillette “Cool Wave” after shave… didn’t notice i used Gillette so much till now…

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Ask a dermatologist.

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Sounds to me like razor burn/razor bumps. Be more careful when you’re shaving, shave with the grain (that is, in the same direction that your hair grows) and get a good shave lotion/cream.

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My neck whiskers are pretty curly and try to ingrow and can be prone to razor burn. This has been worse since my chemotherapy. All my hair is a little different texture than it used to be. Most especially by neck whiskers. Might not shave as close and see if that helps.

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not quite a full beard yet, but i’ve read you need sharp blades, no trying to be frugal.

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You could try shaving in the shower. The steam helps open up your pores. They even make special mirrors that don’t fog up in the shower. Shaving in the shower is so much better.

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My girlfriend just told me she thinks its razor burn. My dad always told me to shave against the hair so that’s probably it. Thanks! But i cant shave in the shower because our house has very small water pipes… we cant even flush toilet paper or the whole house could clog up… but thanks anyway

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@iRemy_y If you can’t shave in the shower, put a warm washcloth on your face for a couple minutes before you shave. Try using conditioner instead of shaving cream. The cheap stuff works great.

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In addition to what has been suggested, make sure you always use a really sharp razor. Since your face is very sensitive, too much pressure put on the blade could scrape away layers of skin more easily than elsewhere, and these tiny nicks could become infected, or make your face sting.

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Be sure you use a sharp razor. As a razor dulls it does not cut the hair quickly but can pull on it and not move smoothly across your skin, the skin and itch could be from very small minor tears in the skin. If you have bumps don’t shave for several days, use some peroxide on a cottonball twice a day to make sure you lower the bacteria level and then after a week go back to shaving with a sharp blade. Be sure to shave immediately after showering when your beard and skin are still very moist.

You might be allergic to your shaving cream, try changing to a sensitive skin one.

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This is not meant as a rude question, but are you Black? Black men have a tendency to get razor bumps, and there are products sold in every drugstore and Wal*Mart specifically designed to deal with this problem.

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If you can’t shave in the shower, shave after you shower. While the hair on your face is still softened and easier to shave.

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Maybe try a Mach 4 razor?

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@pdworkin reminded me to suggest purchasing some skin tight. I don’t think it’s expensive, and it works.
That link shows a big bottle, but they sell it in 6oz ones. Shouldn’t be more than 5 bucks

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Maybe grow a beard for several months to give your skin a rest from the irritation?

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Thanks for the responses. I’m going to check out some sensitive skin shaving cream, and possibly start looking into a new razor. When i did get the bumps i stopped shaving for a month and they went away, and just a side note, I’m not black, but thanks!

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Cetaphil & water makes a good non-irritating shaving cream. An OTC cortisone cream can help w/the irritation, too.

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