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Is there any news on Lost since the end of the writers strike?

Asked by joshisradd (238points) February 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Are we going to get our full 16 episodes?

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As far as I know they only got eight episodes done before the strike. So expect a half-season. I have a buddy that works in the industry and says not to expect any more episodes after those eight during 2008. And it does suck.

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There’s been a few new updates as to what’s going on with LOST. Yesterday Michael Ausiello, from TV Guide, met with executive producer Carlton Cuse, and talked about how the strike is affecting the rest of this season:

What came out of your meeting with ABC today?
Cuse: Damon [Lindelof] and I are going to try and make five more episodes before the end of May, which is ambitious. But, we’ve found ourselves in situation where we had eight episodes of story planned, and we’re going to try to fit that into five hours of the show. Even though it’s going to be very hard to execute, we felt like any less would be doing a disservice to the story we had planned. We really want to give the fans the best possible experience and ending that we can to Season 4.

Seriously, sorry that this reply is so long. Here are two related links (one of which is to the full interview from above), that you should definatly take the time to read. Basically, expect to see 5 new episodes (for a total of 13 this season)!

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Only 13 episodes this season. The season finale is going to have the same ending but some of the middle stories will probably have to be sacrificed a bit.

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