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Will Apple Replace My Ipod If Its Not Recongized By My Computer?

Asked by Bourne (6points) November 8th, 2009

Its Is A 8gb 2gen Ipod Touch. Normal Firmware.Still Has A Warranty.

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Bring the computer and iPod to an apple store. Chances are it is your computer not the iPod but they will figure it out for you.

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they will tell you to buy a mac so they can squeeze some more delicious monies out of you

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but some times it will conect then others it wont so it cant be the computer and its able to recongnize other things

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Could be drivers issues, check for updates…

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First, download and install all updates for iTunes and your iPod.

If unsuccessful you will need to contact Apple Care or visit an Apple store.

They don’t hand out new devices as a 1st line of troubleshooting.

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Yea I did all that they ran me through everything and they said go 2 the apple store and they set up an appointment and said bring your computer and iPod and show them it doesn’t work

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