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what's a good nighttime alcoholic beverage

Asked by subzero666 (12points) February 10th, 2008 from iPhone
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My sister said her new boyfriend Mr Alcoholic with his “built in six pack tummy“oh what a cute pair . Anyway along with all the lovin he just introduced her to a new beer , it has pimentos in it and taste like a bloody Mary made by budwiezer . That is what I’m going to try and should be good in the eveing to I’m guessing . Cheers!!

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I prefer a couple of shots of peach schnappes, followed by a couple of beers. It should cheer you up some for sure!

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Bailey’s on ice

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I like whiskey, port, Calvados, or another kind of brandy

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small glass of red wine.

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bourbon on ice, Makers for the price and quality

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Traditional after-dinner drinks include port, sherry, cognac or brandy, and fine single-malt scotch. Just a few sips, something to ease one into a relaxed mood.

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Alchol induced sleep does not equal restful sleep. My nightime drinks are used to get the party going and that would begin with a few shots of tequila.

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Blackberry brandy on ice has a good mix of sweet and spicy, and it is strong enough that you get the relaxation you need without overdoing it.

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I don’t drink, what is left for me to consume? Forget Nyquil. Took a dose once for a cold and I was ‘out of it’ for the evening and tasted like crap too.

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shots of jack daniels.

p.s.- i actually like the taste of nyquil. its my medicine of choice when im even a tiny bit sick.

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I am not really fond of the taste of alcohol, but found that a Kalua and cream tastes like a mocha shake. Yumm! It’s better than dessert. I have tried buttered rum, too. Wonderful on a cold winter night.

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