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I have an iTunes Gift Card and the numbers needed to redeem it scratched off while i was taking off the sticker, is there anything I can do to return it?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) November 8th, 2009

I just bought an iTunes card at a convienience store (shell) last night because I wanted to buy some music. I took a coin and started to scratch off the sticker covering the code. The code is needed to redeem the card, but the stupid numbers actually scratched off with the sticker and I wasnt even scratching hard!! Is there anything I can do to somehow return the card to the store, or somehow get my money back?. I have a feeling they are just going to say that theres no proof on wheither I used it or not. I can see the first couple numbers, then they are all scratched and un-legible. HELP?

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I forget, is there a bar code on it as well? If so, you might be able to take it to an Apple store and have them scan/swipe it for you.

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I had a card with some damaged numbers. After about 4 tries to redeem the iTunes store asked me another question or two (I can’t remember what- it may have been barcode numbers) and
then I was credited. So at least
give that a try first.

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A good place to start would be to conatact iTunes support You’ll need to provide the activation code and serial number from the back of your iTunes Gift Card

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@Dog I seriously entered the code how it looked 50 or 60 times. (even though I couldnt see most of the numbers) If Apple was going to ask me questions to redeem it I think they would have after 10 tries.

@eponymoushipster I don’t have an aAple store anywhere close near me. I think the Apple store closest to me is like a 3 day drive!

@Lightlyseared Thanks, I’ll try the support option. I still have the reciept and everything, and I just bought it 2 days ago. Hopefully there’s a number I can call and get my credit, I’m saving up for a trip to England and I would be pissed if I got ripped off my money by Apple’s defective cards.

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I just sent a email to iTunes and have been told I will recieve a reply within 24 hours. My iTunes card it completley legitimate so I think crediting me should not be a problem. :)

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The same thing happened to me once and I brought the card back to where I bought it and they gave me a new one.

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@basp I probably should have just done that, because now I’m waiting for Apple to contact me, and once they do who knows how confusing their instructions will be to recieve my credit.

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