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Anyone ever changed an iPod battery?

Asked by RareDenver (13155points) November 8th, 2009

My iPod battery has finally given up (get maybe 10 minutes out of it). My local Apple Store have said they can send it off and replace it for £50 or they can sell me a home replacement kit for £20 (I’ve seen them cheaper online)

Is it fairly straightforward to do it yourself? Anyone care to share their experiences?

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I bought a Chinese battery replacement kit on eBay years ago. It’s a little bit difficult to pry the iPod open with the little plastic tool provided. I was a little fearful that I would break something because you don’t unscrew the iPod, you sort of “pop” it open with the pressure of your hands. Once it’s open, changing the battery and closing it again is a snap.

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I bought a battery from Smalldog Electronics and it comes with tools, instructions and an envelope to send the old battery back for recycle. It ended up being pretty easy and very worth it, though I’d agree with @drdoombot that prying the case open was a bit difficult. I’d personally recommend this DIY route.

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@drdoombot ”... and closing it again is a snap.” no pun intended..

arpinum's avatar has all the information you need to repair an iPod. Since you don’t give us a specific model, here is the relevant site: . From there select your model and follow instructions. They also sell replacement parts, don’t know about shipping across the pond though.

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@arpinum The link I provided in the question is what I need for my model, it’s a 4th generation Photo iPod

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@arpinum just had a read through that, seems straight forward enough, I think I’ll give it a go.

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Good Luck to you. Not that you will need it, its a cinch.

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