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Do you have any personal, negative experiences related to drugs that you can share with me?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25251points) November 8th, 2009

This could be legal substances like alcohol or illegal. How has the experience affected the rest of your live? How has your attitude towards drugs changed since?

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I’ve had more than I can remember. May I inquire as to why you’re asking? This seems like such a loaded question it makes me a bit nervous to straight-up answer with no idea of the motives behind it. I will say that I continue to support most drug use by those 16ish and older, despite my bad experiences. Even if I did have something personal against drug use, it comes down to a belief that people have a right to make their own decisions.

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My uncle is on meth and completely an ass and wont talk to me and hurt my feelings really bad, marijuana has never done any harm.

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I once OD’d on some narcotic pain-killer (don’t remember what it was) because my headache was so bad. I thought I was gonna die. Still looking for something to curb the pain. I might have to move to Cali to find it ;) It has changed my attitude toward most prescription drugs. I don’t like them.
I have very little experience with street drugs.

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Long story. I stopped taking illicit drugs 40 years ago, but I still have unpleasant sequellae.

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Removed by myself.

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I smoked marijuana from around 1976 to 1999. While pot might or might not be a gateway drug, depending upon what your definition of gateway is, once I started smoking it, I was able to access many other drugs through the same sources. I did speed a bunch of times, quaaludes, some acid, some MMDA, and free-based once. Mostly pills and pot, and of course, the ever present alcohol. That’s a lot of years to live in a haze.

Today’s dopers (sorry, pot smokers) will call me crazy and exclaim that marijuana is not harmful and is yadda yadda yadda. Funny thing is, the dope they have today is WAAAAY stronger than the stuff we had ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. Anything you put in your body is going to affect you, and you get out of life what you put into it.

If I knew then what I knew now, I would’ve just said no to that first joint. If I had, I’d have memories I could remember, I’d probably be healthier, and most importantly, I wouldn’t have wasted all that money on drugs.

But hey, Life is about choices, your results may vary.

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@justus2 it’s put plenty of people in jail, are you so sure about that?

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@wildpotato This is in no way a loaded question. What you see is what you get here and I certainly don’t want a row about whether marijuana should be made legal or not before anyone goes there! Personally, apart from the odd hangover, I have no experiences, good or bad, with drugs. However, a friend of mine once found herself, at a very young age in an extremely scary situation which she blames on drug use. It just got me wondering about other peoples experiences.

If you don’t feel comfortable answering then, no worries.

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I had a serious drug addiction, I lost custody of my children, the profession that I went to college 7 years for, got bacterial endocarditis which compromises my health still, and my arm looks like I was attacked by some wild animal. I got over it and live better than I ever have. I reconnected with my family. I still haven’t spoken to some people whom I never asked for help or anything but treated me like crap then because they were morally enraged, and want to talk to me now that I’m recovered. Depends what drug, I personally think that weed is the only safe drug. I don’t think it’s a gateway drug.

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@holden That is why I said personally. I’m not looking for tales of “a friends friend” only of what you have experienced the direct affect of.

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I have only had 2 negative experiences that i can recall. Considering all the drugs i’ve done, i dont think thats too bad.

My first bad experience was a huge learning experience for me. It was my first time getting drunk. I was 13 years old and over a friends house. We were left alone in the house and guess what got left out? A huge case of alcohol! Hoorayyy says us. So we started drinking. Now as retarded children we didnt realize that alcohol takes quite a bit of time to hit you. So we drank, and drank, and then drank some more. Then we started to see who can drink more than the other. 22 shots later (within less than an hour) we decided fuck this…. alcohol sucks and we arent getting drunk at all and called it quits. About 10 min after that it hit us like a fucking brick wall. I was drunker than ive ever been in my life. I threw up all over his house. I have just bits and pieces of the night in my memory, most is a blur. His parents came home and found us both utterly drunk and both with alcohol poisoning. Luckily his aunt worked at the hospital and was able to get us some pills that are given for that.(dont remember wtf it was) As my punishment i had to go to school the next day. It was fucking horrible. I remember doing jumping jacks in gym class and my sweat smelling like straight up alcohol. After this incident i didnt go near alcohol for quite some time. I still dont really drink much. Ill get drunk every now and then but its not a common thing. This experience taught me my limits and never EVER fucking cross them or you’ll be begging for death. It also taught me alcohol kinda sucks. I mean i could smoke 10 pounds of weed and be fine, alcohol will kill ya.

My second negative experience was with amanita muscaria . They can be purchased online from quite a few places and are still 100% legal in the US. Thing is they arent like your normal magic mushrooms. These actually poison your body which causes you to trip. I knew this at the time, but from extensive research i determined as long as i didnt over do it, id be fine. Me and a few friends decided to take them. I bought something like 2 ounces since they were so fucking cheap. When we took them most of my friends only ate a few pieces, but me and another kid ate much more. They kind of tasted like jesus cookies (communion waffers) After about an hour went by i still felt nothing so i ate some more. And waited. Felt nothing. Waited again…. ate a little more. Decided fuck this, its not going to work, time to get high. Well after i took that first hit, they hit me, and hard. I was completely tripping face, i remember feeling really hot and sweaty too and my heart was racing (a known side effect of amanitas if you take a lot) It also made me really reallly sick. I spent that night in the bathroom with both horrible diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. If my eyes were closed i was fine, but as soon as i opened my eyes everything went bad and i got sick. While my eyes were closed i had amazing visuals but they were often dark and evil. One thing that i remember real vividly is being at some type of altar and seeing all these religious symbols and the meaning i got from it was they were all pretty much the same thing. All religions are the same just with different characters. Then all of a sudden the symbols started morphing into demonic creatures. I also remember at one point thinking i was going to die and i pretty much just accepted my fate. (its a really strange feeling to come to terms with your own fate) After some more throwing up i finally got everything out of my body and then the trip got much better. Fell asleep a couple hours later. This was the only time i have EVER had a bad trip. From this i learned a couple things. Dont keep eating drugs until you feel the effects of the first stuff you took. For me weed is a catalyst with hallucinogens. I wont feel a damn thing until i smoke, be that mushrooms, acid, e, or whatever. I also learned that there is no point in fearing or fighting a drug. Its all going to be over in a matter of time, if you fight it or get scared its only going to make it worse on you. Just accept it and go where it takes you. Needless to say, i havent done amanitas again since then. Even though i do think i did farrrrrr to much, i still didnt like the overall effects, even if it was at a lower dose i dont believe i would enjoy it. I actually tried eating them again one time after that, but just the taste (something i didnt mind before) made me sick to my stomach.

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I too would like to know why the question was asked and if the responses are to be used in research or school work etc.

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While smoking pot with friends in his car we were convinced there were cops following us, we had a gram on us and we had to figure out a way of getting it out of the car without the cop knowing just in case he pulled us over….I ate it.

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My best friend once went into a bad trip vortex on acid, i thought i’d lost him forever, and in a way i have, he is still there but different too.

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@Dog No research, no school work, not even general discussions with people I know (I don’t bother with talking about drugs since I have no experiences myself to go on, only opinions based on what I have heard from other people) it really is just a question.

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I’ve told my kids that I know they will smoke weed. I have begged them not to do acid or coke, not for moral reasons, but because the reactions are so idiosyncratic. I hope they understand. I told their older half-sister the same thing when she was their age, and she took LSD. When I asked her why she would do that after what I had told her about it, she said, “LSD is ‘acid’? I didn’t know that, dad! I never would take acid! You told me not to!”

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The only negative related to my drug use is that I have never had a bad experience using drugs. It has, I think, given me a false sense of security.

Now drinking on the other hand, well, there’s not enough Internet for all of those sad stories.

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@Blondesjon We have you on video…

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my ex-boyfriend was a dealer and got me into all sorts of stuff; however, none of it stuck. i smoked weed for a good five years but hardly do it anymore (it’s decriminalized in massachusetts, where i live, but it’s still highly illegal in virginia, where i go to school).

alcohol, however, is a friend and a foe. i love the “happy drunk” stage like no other, it’s what keeps me coming back for more every weekend. over that, though… well, like @blondesjon said, there’s just not enough internet for all the nights at the frats.

i once accidently overdosed on sleeping pills? i wanted to go back to sleep, quickly, after my dog woke me up early once, so i took 5 instead of the usual 3. i spent the rest of the morning on the toilet. fun fun.

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I also had a serious drug addiction with heroin and some cocaine. I did my first line of cocaine at 14, and thought nothing of it, it was just what we did on the weekends. By the age of 16 I went speedballing for days at a time, borrowing money from friends who loved me, and doing whatever I could to keep rolling. I watched my best friend overdose and almost die. Things got way out of control, but even at the worst, I didn’t realize anything was wrong. I lost many many friends, my job, and spent my junior year of high school in rehab. I got into serious trouble, and had the option of jail or rehab, so I chose rehab, still believing nothing was wrong with my lifestyle. I messed up my life and who knows how long it will take me to fix it, if I ever do. Don’t do drugs, it’s not worth it.

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I didn’t know what “angel dust” was when the cute guys (I was in High School) brought it to the party. I just thought it was pot.
I had to walk home and I couldn’t get across a very busy street. We called it “the gut.” It was a Friday night and everyone was “Cruising the gut.” It usually took about an hour to make the whole circle. I stood there. trying to get across the street when I saw people I knew go at least 3 times around. I finally begged someone to take me home. It was awful!
I continued to do drugs for a year or so after that. I started getting ultra paranoid every time I smoked pot and it eventually just wasn’t fun anymore.
I could have been really hurt (killed by a car) or something. Other things that happened that night before I left were just to painful to remember.

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I once had the following at a party when I was 19:

3 (American) pints of lager
2 or 3 vodka & oranges
4 shots of tequila
1 shot of SoCo

I was sick in someone’s rhododendrons, passed out face-first in some mud and upon waking up, had the dry heaves for almost 3 whole days.—-How I wasn’t assaulted and how I didn’t die from alcohol poisoning, I don’t know, but I am ever so grateful.—

I’ve had alcohol since, but my limit is one beer or one mixed drink or one glass of wine. As for other drugs, I’ve smoked pot. Meh. I got the munchies. I was a ½-pack a day smoker. And the Vicodin I got from my orthodontist merely got rid of my jaw pain from having all my wisdom teeth pulled. I’ve only ever taken one.

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@Facade Have you been to see a different neurologist or pain specialist than the one who gave you the pills? There are many different ways to treat headaches and migraines, and every doc will have a different philosophy. I can recommend one guy who treats pain without meds if you like.

@Leanne1986 Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying. I’m wary of some fellow flutherites at this point because it seems as though the only type of prejudice people can get away with round these parts is being close-minded about drug use.

I’ve had bad experiences with alcohol (usual college idiocy – never alcohol poisoning), which have made me more aware of how much I can drink with an eye to enjoyment rather than inebriation.

I’ve never had a single bad experience involving weed. I do wish my chronological memory (in the sense of placing events before and after one another) were more intact, but I have retained a fine short-term memory and am able to remember individual events just fine. I think my dreams may have suffered – I can almost never remember them. But I’m not actually sure how much that’s connected to marijuana use, because when I read Freud I can remember my dreams. So that makes me think that there’s a more complex mechanism involved.

I have had one bad experience with acid. I volunteered to be the guinea pig for a new batch we got, and one of the vials had burst so I just ended up licking the packaging. Anyway, when I began moaning and screaming my friends put me in one of the nicer dorm rooms with a lot of weed and left me alone for awhile (they checked on me periodically). I remember being in a lot of stomach pain and actually hallucinating (tripping and hallucinating are differentiated in the druggie community – the latter is often defined as actually seeing things that aren’t there moving around. Most people do not experience this, but only see exaggerated shimmers and waves from existing things. Yes, I am aware that the scientific community lumps these phenomena together). Like uberbatman, I saw demons, and I knew I was dying. It was very frightening. However, this experience has not changed my attitude toward acid use. I think it’s wonderful stuff – as long as you’re not the guinea pig. We’re pretty sure that batch was badly titrated LSA, because it messed me up so badly and because no one else even tripped off of it. It has changed my attitude towards death – now I am more aware of how much I love living.

I have had bad experiences with magic mushrooms, though not in the mental way I described above – my stomach has grown sensitive enough over the years that I can no longer eat them without major pain. So now I stick with cid.

I’ve had very few bad experiences with coke. I was careless and indulgent with it until I realized that the primary effect of cocaine is simply to make you desperate to do more cocaine. Once you know that, it becomes easier to pay attention to and limit your own addiction. This change in attitude has probably kept me out of jail. Now I don’t seek the stuff out.

I’ve had one experience with crack. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly good. It just made me wonder why anyone would ever waste their coke by making it into crack.

I’ve had several bad experiences with meth. Let me rephrase that: EVERY experience with meth is a bad experience. I would say that every comedown from meth is worse than anything else I’ve ever felt. I stopped doing it very quickly after I initially tried it, thanks to the quick actions of my more intelligent friends.

All experiences, good and bad, have enhanced my life. I regret nothing, and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

@uberbatman I thought that all mushrooms poison you, and that tripping is partly a result of mild hemorrhaging of the brain. I learned that the brain throws massive amounts of endorphins at us, which combined with the serotonin-like molecules of psilocybin and psilocin give the body high and the visual distortions. But I can’t find the article that once told me this, so maybe that’s hearsay. Also, it’s funny, but you could have been describing my life in your paragraph about your first alcohol experience. It was Bacardi O for me, 10 shots in 1 hour, and I still can’t even smell the stuff without retching.

@pdworkin That’s funny. May I ask if her use/attitude toward LSD/acid changed after you made that connection for her?

@aprilsimnel I agree, Vicoden is best to be avoided. The wooziness is worse than the pain.

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@Judi nahhh you would have just bounced off the car got up and walked away on dust :P

@wildpotato yeaaaa LSA will fuck your stomach especially if its not done right. That was actually the first drug i ever took. Before weed or anything else. As far as the mushrooms being poison thing, no, thats not true at all. Mushrooms act much the same way that DMT does on the brain. The chemical compound for psilocybin is actually 4-OH-DMT

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@wildpotato I’ve been to several since 2002. Sure, I’ll take his name.

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That was when she was about 19. She’s 28 now, and I don’t think she takes any illicit drugs. She does, however, smoke cigarettes, much to my regret, and to her own: she tries and tries to quit.

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@JONESGH you’ll be fine, you haven’t ruined your life, you have lots of time. In about 4 years it wil seem like such a thing of the past-

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Several years ago I had anesthaesia for an hour-long ear surgery. When I woke up, I had double vision for several hours. Nothing I would ever volunteer for.

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Does being affected by the actions of others count?

My father was put in a wheelchair by a drunk driver, and my cousin killed himself drunk driving.

As for me:

Prior to a dental visit that I was particularly dreading, I took 120mg of Oxycontin (relative has script for it) hoping it would compliment the novacaine well enough so I wouldn’t feel any pain whatsoever. Later that night I vomited 15 times.

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I grew up with a vicious violent brutal alcoholic brother. It left me with PTSD and a very screwed up vision of life. You would think I would have known better but then I too succumbed to the insidious lure of the drug as well. It nearly destroyed my life.

To make a long story short, I came to believe that my life was indeed unmanageable, I found AA & ACOA along with a good counselor and now have been reasonably sane and completely sober since 7:00PM July 31 1990. Ain’t life grand!

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A lot of my first drinking experiences were as @uberbatman described. I’d drink excessively at age 14, and really put myself in dangerous situations (blacking out the entire time, needing to be dragged off the trolley tracks) My parents figured it out pretty quick, because we’d steal their liquor, and also..someone at the local store told my mother (they must have known her, and I got super drunk and embarrassed myself at the store) They intervened, no major punishment…mainly what @uberbatman‘s parents did..but mine would take me out to breakfast super early and sometimes lecture me.

I also accidentally smoked angel dust on pot once. Similar to @Judi‘s experience actually. I knew this guy from my math class in college, and figured the pot was just fine as we’d smoked together before. We went fishing down the road from where I live and I live near a major road. I completely bugged out and was so scared, and paranoid. I had no clue what was happening, and it was until I met my husband and described it that he knew what I was talking about. It was awful, I don’t know why people do that drug at all :(

I’ve never had a bad experience with ecstacy or anything else, surprisingly.

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I am talking about health wise or pot is not like meth, I have never seen anyone become a total ass like him due to pot smoking only, alcohol i have seen different affects also, pot is the only thing I am fine with.

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I’ve come very very close to dying from drug use. But I’d rather not share that part.
It’s made me completely paranoid of anyone I love touching drugs, and I will only drink with one person unless I get depressed, then I drink by myself.

As for changing the rest of my life.. I fucked up my heart this summer, so any medicine (even Tylenol) can send my heart into a fit.
It’s made my ptsd and bipolar issues get a bit worse, and it’s had a BIG impact on my relationship.. so I’m still working on getting better from that..

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Im 27 and have been a drug addict since I was 13. I have had plenty of positive experiences with drugs.

I have had plenty of negative experiences with drugs too. I started with weed, alcohol, vicodin and xanax I looted from the family medicine cabinet. Personally the only negative experience I had from weed was getting a couple citations for possession. I’ve done all the major drugs, pharmaceuticals, and research chemicals.

Im a pill head. I used to eat tons of xanax, valiums, and pain pills. These are pill wrecks. I flipped my car on pills at 17, broke my leg, had a concussion and stayed in the hospital. I wrecked my next car when I was 18 4 or 5 times mostly running into ditches. Then I hit an oak tree and the car died. At 19 I wrecked my moms mini van into a ditch and fence. Later that year I was blacked out on soma and beer stole my dads work truck to go get coke ran the truck through a field and tore the air dam off the bottom. He knew I took off in the truck and showed up where I was. I tried to fight my dad. I would never lay a hand on the man when im sober.

When I was 20 I went to a party at some kids house whose parents were out of town. It was my best friends girlfriends house. I drank a lot of tequila and had been eating many valiums for 2 days. I went in the basement to play drums. This girl comes down the stairs on a cellphone and demands I quit playing so she can talk. This is where I black out. I kick the drumset over and stomp a couple of the drums heads then I throw a drumstick at the chick and smack her on the ass with the other. I apparently found a shotgun in the house and take it outside and put it under my buddy I rode withs toolbox on his truck bed. Then I kick several dents in a restored vw bug. Then I cut up 2 big expensive tents set up in the back yard. I remember none of that. My friend takes me home shortly later before anyone notices the damage. i wake up the next morning go to work and get a call the police are looking for me. I freak out because I had a couple felony charges. I move a couple hundred miles away to Chattanooga. I eventually paid for the damage I caused and the charges were dropped about a year after it happened. So I was on the run for a year. In Chattanooga I sold oxycontins. I was 21 and someone showed me how to shoot up. I made lots of money selling oxy so I could afford cocaine then later crack. I lied to my gf at the time. I said I paid the electric bill. I spent the money on crack. She was pissed when the power went out. I bailed Chattanooga to Portland Oregon.

I have been in fights over drugs and money. I have been to jail a few times. I couldn’t get a job because I pissed dirty. I have stole all kinds of things.

I have unintentionally overdosed an heroin. My roommate found he not breathing and blue in the bathroom floor. He gave me cpr got my heart and breathing going then i woke up fully clothed sitting in the bathtub with the cold shower on. Three years ago I was depressed. I was smoking crack, drinking, and shooting heroin. I lost my job, girl, home, and car in 3 days time. I stole 60–70 100mg phenobarbital pills out of a medicine cabinet that were prescribed to a pitbull. I was sitting on my bed at midnight thinking looking at the pills and decided I could just got to sleep and not wake up. I took everyone of them. A friend came over about 8 am to see if I wanted to go to the skatepark. I was moaning and blue. I woke up 4 days later in the I.C.U. I was still really fucked up. I couldnt walk or get out of the bed. I had a fulltime c.n.a. I shit on myself and she cleaned me. Seven days after my overdose they let me out of bed and I was still wobbley. I was put in the psych ward. the doctor told me I had 2–3 times the lethal dosage of phenobarital when I was admitted. He said it was the most acute overdose he ever seen where someone lived. The psych hospital sucked. I moved back to Tennessee after I got out of the hospital in Oregon. The first year -18 months after my suicide I went to drug rehab twice and the psych hospital 4 times.

I have thought I was having a heart attack from meth and coke.

I have been robbed at gunpoint trying to buy crack in the ghetto.

I have been a lot better the last two years though. I see a therapist and a doctor every month. I take the meds lithium, zoloft, and seroquel. I haven’t touched coke and heroin in 2 years. I drink a few beers every couple of days and puff green. I have cut a lot of the pills out of my drug diet but I admit I still use them occasionally.

Would I change all the crazy stuff I have done? I regret stealing from people. But if it wasn’t for tequila and valium I wouldnt have moved to Chattanooga where I met my friend that I moved to Portland Oregon with. Im older and more mellow now. I got tons more stories but this is a good start.

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Yeah. Naproxen has been known to cause my face and upper thighs to break out in a rash.

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Before I had ever smoked pot I was looking for a legal high that I could get my hands on easily. The easiest thing I could find was nutmeg.

For some reason or another I didn’t have school on a particular Friday, so I took a walk to the CVS and picked up a container of ground nutmeg for 99ยข. I brought it home, measured a few tablespoons out, mixed it with some warm water and milk, and drank it. This was around 5:00 in the afternoon, and I knew it would take a while to kick in.

That night I started feeling sick. It’s a hard feeling to describe, because I didn’t feel sick in any particular way. I just felt sick. I was dizzy, and my room didn’t look the room I was used to. I fell asleep before experiencing any other effects, and woke up about sixteen hours later. I don’t remember any dreams from that night, but I know they were the most crazy and horrid things my brain ever produced.

A month passed, and I stupidly decided to try it again. At school during lunch I swallowed a few mouthfuls of nutmeg, thinking that the effects wouldn’t kick in until much later.

By the time school ended I was a mess. This was the only time I have ever felt what is known as “a sense of impending doom.” Everything in the whole world felt so wrong, and all I wanted in the whole world was to be home. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to sit down where I was and huddle into a ball, or to run home as quickly as possible. I felt like I would die either way. I walked as far as the library, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it all the way home. I found an isolated alcove in the library, sat down in the corner, called my dad, and asked for a ride. He came, after what seemed like an eternity to me.

At home I went up to my room, got in bed and pulled the covers over me, and decided to wait it out. I fell asleep sometime that afternoon, and didn’t wake up until the following evening.

It was hell.

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@petethepothead What is it about nutmeg that gives a high? I haven’t heard of that before.

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It contains a chemical called Myristicin.

More info here.

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i was patting myself on the back for not buying wine this weekend until I read this thread!

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Drugs are bad mmkay?

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“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self esteem.”-Kurt Cobain

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@FutureMemory Yes, if you have been directly affected by others drug use then it counts.

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If that counts, then my baby brother blew his brains out in a meth induced mania. I hate drugs.

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My youngest step-son used crack cocaine for ten years. He then had to go to rehab twice. He lost those years of education and socialization but finally found a good substitute.

He started to lift weighst, then got his certificate as a personal trainer and is finally on the straight-and-narrow and has part ownership in a gym. Of course, being a guy who takes things to excess, he is recovering from a hernia.

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@gailcalled – that sort of thought process is so common, if a little bit is good then a whole lot must be better. It sure has put me in some interesting situations in my life.

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Like others on this thread, I have had more bad experiences from alcohol than weed. I have been so drunk that it hurt my eyes to keep a light on. I prefer the ganja. It helps with my allergies, it regulates my moods, increases my appetite,helps my insomnia and it enhances my thinking. I smoke daily, at night before I go to sleep. It has helps me relax and eases the symptoms of my PTSD and anxiety attacks. They should legalize it and ban alcohol. Ganja cures with no side effects like synthetic prescription drugs. My mother died a horrible, painful death after struggling with cancer for over 3 years. Why? She was an alcoholic and the combination of smoking cigarettes and drinking hard Vodka/Gin for so many years turned into an aggrassive esophogeal cancer that spread into her liver.

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