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What's your relationship with Nutritional Facts?

Asked by astrojams1 (149points) November 8th, 2009

Do you read them? Why/ Why not?
Do you understand them? Why/ Why not?

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I usually just go with the conversations I have with my dietitian. I don’t really try to figure out my own nutritional needs, since I can just ask her.

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I read them and understand them and… usually ignore them. Mostly because I read them while I’m eating instead of while I’m buying, and by that point I’m just goddamn hungry and need to get some kind of nourishment in me, no matter how bad it is for me. (I forget to eat a lot.)

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I read them and understand them. I don’t eat healthily all the time, but it balances out. I try to go for low sodium, fat, and cholesterol foods, cutting calories when possible. For instance, I’ll eat pizza or junk food, but to balance it out, I drink skim milk and whole-fruit juices. I kind of enjoy reading labels on things…

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I understand them.
I ignore them.
i just don’t care about them.

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I mostly just read the ingredients these days.

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I read them and understand them. I just wish they would quit trying to pull one over on me. I’m lookin at you Trans fats

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I do the majority of the shopping around here. I always read the labels, but it is secondary to figuring out how much I am paying per ounce for something. I am smart enough to know that .25 cents each or four for a dollar is the same thing.

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We are best friends. I read them and understand them, mostly. I’m not an expert, but I understand them.

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I read them every time, usually along with the ingredients. I decide what to get and what not to get based on them often. Works for me.

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I read them out of a desire to keep my eyes busy. I don’t pay attention to what they say.

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I read them because I am avoiding sugar, so if it has that nasty stuff in it, I don’t buy.

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I have been reading them ever since I can remember… probably because I used to eat most meals by myself growing up, and so it was something to do while I ate. It lead to my interest in nutrition and eventually I found myself checking ingredients more closely once I became a veghead.

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I’ve been reading labels for years. After my daughter was diagnosed w/celiac, I started reading them even more closely. I often decide on which product/brand to buy based on the nutritional info.

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non-existent because i just don’t care. hah im 17.

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I read them because I try to reduce my intake of sugar, sodium, and creepy food additives.

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