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Can anyone please help with tips to dye my own hair?

Asked by kellylet (858points) November 9th, 2009

Due to lack of funds I am unable to go to the salon to get my hair colored but it is time! Does anyone have any tips on how to do it well by myself? Thanks!

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Depends on your hair color. If you have dark hair and want to go lighter, you have to be really careful. If you have any natural red in your hair and want to go blonder, you can dye your hair orange by using the wrong product. Trust me, I’ve done it :) Find a friend to help you dye your hair, that way you can get it evenly distributed too.

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Buy two boxes of color if your hair is long.

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Yeah – darker is easier to do on your own if you’re new at this. I have dyed friends’ hair successfully (and I have NO training unless you count college-level chemistry, which was really no help) but we always went darker, not lighter. Or I’ve helped friends go from light brown to bright red. Things like that. I wouldn’t try to go blonde without the help of someone who knows what they’re doing.

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Buy L’Oreal and follow directions. You can phone them with questions.

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Get the color from your stylist & go to like Sally’s Beauty. Get the gel in the tube. It covers better than the bottled. Just be sure to saturate your hair good. Section it off & go top to bottom, Get your perimeters good. Feel your way in the back. I use Wella Color Charm shop color. It’s not dime store color, it’s professional color. Let it sit 10 minutes & then draw it through. It can be on for as long as 45 minutes. I’ve been doing it for about 20 years. PM me if you want to talk about it.

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When I used to do my own I always had good luck with L’Oreal too.

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Make sure you section your hair well and get EVERY inch of your hair, even if you think you did, do it again. Hahaha you don’t want any non-dyed hair. And @Narl is right, buy two boxes if you either have thick &/or long hair. I dye my own hair all the time; it’s easy!

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I would get two boxes even if your hair is medium long or medium thick, just to be safe. My hair wasn’t very long when I dyed my hair and had a big light brown spot in the back among my newly dyed dark brown locks. I was walking in the store with my husband when he said, “Do you know you missed a giant spot in the back?” From then on I have doused my hair until there is no way I could miss anything.

Also, if you’re lightening or highlighting, you may want to ask a friend to help you. It can be quite a mess, and time consuming. And your arms will get tired.

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Be very careful if you are bleaching. My friend bleaches her hair a lot but she says that it burns her scalp if she leaves it on too long. She even woke up with blood on her pillow because of her burnt scalp. Other than that dying your hair is easy. Pick a colour that makes you happy:)

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When I dyed my hair red, everyone used to say what @AlyxCaitlin said, about sectioning my hair and yadda yadda. But let me tell you, I never once did it and always got compliments on my hair.

I would take the bottle, and start with my hairline around my forehead and ears. I would rub that in with a gloved finger. Then I would start at the middle of my head, and squirt lines that went from the dyed part around my hairline all the way down to the back of my neck, squirting as I went down. I would do this, in “stripes”, all the way across on both sides. Then I would squirt from by my ears to the middle, in “stripes” horizontally across until I got down to the bottom of my neck, on both sides.

then I would take my fingers and really work it… get it all over everything… sort of like washing your hair only a little more precise. I would sort of hang my head a bit, making sure I rubbed the back and undersides really well. Then I would take the length of my hair, pile it all up on my head, and empty the bottle onto it, stopping periodically to mush it through, then plop it at a different angle, squirt some more of the crap on there… plop it sorta forward so I could get the undersides, until either I knew I was good to go or until the bottle was empty.

Then I would clean off my skin with some paper towel and a little shampoo or hand soap (I dyed my hair for so many years that eventually I didn’t have much to clean. Mostly just my ears), and let it sit. It really is so much easier, and easier on your arms, than sitting there with a comb, parting, squirting, smushing, painting, blah blah.

I wouldn’t suggest this with black though. That stuff stains skin too easily.

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I like the Garnier ones. I have short, thin hair, so I only mix half of everything so I can use it twice. It works fine as long as you only mix half! I’ve been dying my own hair for about three years with no problems at all.

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I would still section your hair to make sure you dye all of you hair.

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I’ve always done it like @poofandmook – works well.

Browns tend to come out a little darker than you expect, so I would begin with shade lighter than the box that shows the color you actually want to end up with. It is a lot easier to go darker if you want to than it is to lighten it back up.

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