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How to make a computer impossible to access?

Asked by Iarumas (139points) November 10th, 2009

I know It’s not completely impossible to make it impossible to access, yet it would be extremely hard to do so. If you use all the basic settings and options such as setting up a bios or user account log in, it would still be able to be accessed by many means.

The only way I can see of preventing any and all sorts of attacks would be to create your own super file system encryption that would take hundreds of years to crack.

Anyone know of an easier or alternative means?

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Turn off your computer most secure computer

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suspend computer in a complete vacuum with no power cord, no screen and no keyboard.
See if anyone can access it then!

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@tyrantxseries: Blowing up your HD would be extremely move effective.

@Dr_C: The kind of vacuum that would be in a closet?

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@Iarumas sure thing.. if you keep a vacuum like this in your closet.
which you very well might… different strokes and all

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@Dr_C Ah I see, doubt anyone would have that in their closet. I’m sure if the whole world was against your machine they would still be able to.

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Well, I know you can install a 2nd OS in a Truecrypt partition, so presumably if you used that hidden OS for all activities your comp would be effectively inaccessible, I guess (?). I don’t really know, but I’ve read something along those lines.

Not really sure if this is what you’re asking

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@tyrantxseries Ah, great idea!
I’m sure they wouldn’t give up that easily if they suspected you of having child porn on there.

@FutureMemory I’ll look into it.

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??? who are “they”?
Q- Make a computer impossible to access?
A- The most secure computer is one that isn’t running, isn’t hooked up, even to power, and is locked in a room with no way of accessing it. If your computer is on, by nature it is insecure..

you need the computer/room that was in the first Mission Impossible movie (the one in CIA HQ) with the key card/the eye scanner/the voice analyzer/pressure sensitive floors/lazer grid over any opening in the room/the steel vault door/the standalone system/the rotating password/then the programs on the computer it’s self
just don’t tell Ethan Hunt if you build it

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@tyrantxseries: Ah yeah, the stuff in movies, the stuff of dreams, just like the super computers used in War Games, Resident Evil or Eagle Eye as well.

“They” are the Chinese Mafia for all it matters.

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No, there is no such thing as “100%” secure with IT (and with physical security), it all boils down to risk mitigation. Identify the sources of risk you have, prioritize by severity or tolerance for failure, address as ordered until the $$ runs out or you have started to limit the system from being usefull.

Even if you cooked up some super encryption system, if someone has physical access to the hard disk then its not a matter of if, its when, right now it would take a friggin long time (assuming that this is good encryption with no holes), Now when we get full blown quantum computers as far as I understand it they will render all non quantum based encryption nearly useless. Something that could take 100’s of years could take a couple of days. Granted this is more sci-fi than reality right now but they are on the way,

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