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Is anyone familiar with refrigerator ice machines?

Asked by SarasWhimsy (1637points) November 10th, 2009

Our ice machine is acting odd and has been for several months. Every once in awhile it will stop making ice. When it first happened we bought a bag of ice and put it in the tray the machine dispenses ice into. A few hours later, it started making ice again. A month or so later, it quit. We waited about a week and it started making ice again. Now it happens about once a month and won’t make ice for a week or so and it starts up again. We can hear the water going down into the ice machine but we get no ice. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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I suggest you look up your make & model number in a Google group. We’ve found great fixes and remedies for our appliances by doing a search.

Does it sound funny when it is or isn’t working? Ice machines can become “iced” up easily.

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Something is trying to go out on you, probably a relay or something.

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I have had similar issues. First thing to do is check your refrigerator’s water filter. When’s the last time you changed it out? Next check the water line for the ice maker… sometimes if they are bent or even slightly obstructed it can affect how the ice maker works. You can flush the line if push comes to shove.. but i would go with the filter thing first.

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Why not try to make ice cubes in the frizzer? Better than to shell our for a new ice machine. No?

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@cartman: Yes, and we’ll do that but if there’s a simple fix, why not try that?

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@SarasWhimsy something with the thermostat maybe? It might be an easy fix. In my experience there are tons of people that love fixing things, and love even more to talk about it online. If you google your brand and model of ice maker I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone having experienced the same trouble you are having now. I second @SpatzieLover.

Good luck!

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My ice maker gets all frosted up. Then the arms and rotating ice maker tray will not move.
Try this….
1) Take all the ice out of the holding container.

2) Get a hairdryer and blow with medium heat in the area that the ice tray and arm are located. You only want to remove the frost from around the trays and arm, not to heat up the plastic.

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@Tropical_Willie good answer – but there’s no frost.

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