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What is it that makes lips change color?

Asked by deni (22607points) November 10th, 2009

I’m not sure if everyones lips are like this, so I’ll just speak for myself. I’ve been curious as to why this happens for as long as I can remember. Enter: Fluther!

My lips are always a different color. I never wear anything on them except chapstick, which is not colored, but sometimes they aren’t much darker than my skin and sometimes they’re bright red. I personally hate when they’re bright red. I look sickly and awful. Usually they are a medium pink, and then for no reason I’ll go look in the mirror randomly and they’re 10 shades paler.

I haven’t noticed any activities that have an impact on the color…except that after making out they’re always redder, but that’s explainable. So I simply don’t get it. Can anyone offer some insight?


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Blood flow? Especially if they get darker after making out!
It might also have to do with burst cells or something, like when you pinch your cheeks, they adopt a pinkish hue because you’ve broken many super tiny capillaries with the pressure.

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Friction… [Take that as you will.]

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Lip stick.

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@erichw1504 she wears no lipstick…see details

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@SpatzieLover The question simply states what makes lips change color, not her’s specifically.

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@erichw1504 I got ya’ on your quip but after it you could put one of these~ for sarcasm

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Lip stick ~

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The rubbing and heat stimulate blood flow, causing redness.

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@Drawkward That’s what she said.

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@erichw1504 He could say that too.

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@Drawkward But, she said it.

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Hmm…that’s weird. My lips are usually pinkish, but every now and then I’ll notice they’re more red. I have a friend who was complaining to me that her lips always seem to be two colors at once and she thinks it’s ugly.

‘Fraid I don’t know the answer, but I’m curious to know. All these questions about red body parts are interesting…

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@Beta_Orionis that would seem to make sense, blood flow. But its just so random with me. I don’t bite my lips or pick at them or touch them, and out of the blue they’re red one minute and light pink 10 minutes later! Its weird!!

@DominicX That’s funny, it reminds me of one time when I was looking in the mirror and got really concerned about a line in the middle of my bottom lip. It was really indented for some reason at that particular moment. I got scared. It looked so weird…so I ran to check some older pictures of myself to see if my lip line was present and it wasn’t, so then I relaxed. And the line went away. PHEW!!

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@deni that is weird! Still sounds like blood flow though. I guess yours just fluctuates rapidly! Do you get cold easily?

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I know that when your lips are purple/blue that is lack of oxygen. Perhaps shades of pink is related to oxygen flow as well?

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After showers and right after I wake up in the morning my lips are near skin color, but they get redder as the day progresses. I’ve also noticed that when my lips are chapped, they are significantly darker; after I’ve applied Vaseline, they get a tad darker as well.

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