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How do you cure apathy?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) November 10th, 2009

do you have any proactive suggestions that could be done by someone who is depressed, with no motivation to do anything and is sure that nothing matters?

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I think it was Sartre (or some other existentialist philosopher) who said that people who kill themselves because life has no meaning have actually discovered the meaning of life—it has no meaning (or something to that effect). The only meaning anything has is the meaning you give it. It’s a lot easier to care about things and find motivation when you place meaning on things. Truth and reality have no absolutes.

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turn off the computer and go outside.

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Get UP!

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In my experience, activity begets activity. For me, the less active I am (workwise), the less I am willing to do. The more active I am, the more I can accomplish.

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Recent research has shown that spending quality time with people we care about is the single best predictor of quality of life self-assessment. That means that if people are inviting you to do things, go. If they aren’t, you need to invite them (preparing for a gathering is a good activity booster unto itself) or go to and find a group do something of marginal interest to you, and go there to meet people.

Helping others is also a wonderful way to pull yourself up. if you don’t have personal contacts who can use your help, call the nearest school. They are desperate with budget circumstances; it may mean you have to keep at it, but they want you and the kids need you.

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You said it…and dare I say….
do something other than visit Social Network sites with apathetic questions :)

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Make sure you dont do drugs & drink a lot.
Those tend to be what leads to apathy.
With time, passions & desires change, so I don’t think apathy is a permanent thing.
It’s a stage that needs to be waited out.

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Therapy can work wonders for depression. It sounds as if you need some help beyond yourself.

It is also important to nourish yourself with food and water whether you want to or not. And if you despise the idea getting up, showering, and getting fully dressed is also very helpful. In addition, if you do not live in a sunny area, you may need to sit in front of some lights for awhile (as some people are prone to higher depression without such exposure).

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I think the biggest thing is that you have to want to get better (which I think by asking the question you’re showing that). After that I do agree that going out to do things is helpful but take it one step at a time and don’t expect miracles because if you do and then it doesn’t happen you’ll have a set back.

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With compassion.

As for your friend, your empathy and understanding will only go so far. Is she is clinically depressed, it may be a physiological disorder and medication and/or therapy may be a helpful option but this is a decision she needs to make for herself.

Or it could take something as simple as getting more exercise.

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Move your body! Put your arms up the air b/c you cannot be depressed when your armpits are open. It’s true, try it!

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Travel to an exciting foreign country.

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@mattbrowne Does Oklahoma count as an exciting foreign country?

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@Val123 – Depends on the apathy’s severity. It’ll do for mild forms. Oklahoma features some of world’s most fantastic tornadoes. I guess people who become storm chasers lose all their apathy especially when their objects of study are approaching. And many seriously believe it’s a bit early to go see Dorothy in the marvelous land of Oz, although they would be cured of apathy for good up there, don’t you think?

I recommend Germany for more severe forms of apathy. Visit the Oktoberfest, meet some nice folks and kiss goodbye your apathy.

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@mattbrowne (Dorthy’s from Emporia and THAT place is boring.)
I wish I could get to a foreign country, but I’ll probably never have the money to do it. I’d like to go to Ireland.

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whatever actions you focus and stay focused on, you will do.

true statement.

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Listen to that country song: “Live like you were dying”

Find your niche in life by restlessly looking. You have gifts and abilities that no one else has, find them and employ them.

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Who cares!? Let me take a nap first and then I’ll think about an answer.

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