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Has your day ever started off bad and something happened to turn your frown upside down?

Asked by Chikipi (1843points) November 10th, 2009 from iPhone

I recently had a case of the Monday blues. I was cranky and everything seemed to be going wrong. I sat at my desk and took in a deep sigh and asked for my day to start over. I went to grab papers from the printer and walked to the warehouse to drop them off. When I arrived a guy was kicking his legs so I decided to mimic him. I kicked my leg and my heel caught the back of my skirt which caused it to come down. Luckily, only the female that was sitting watching me saw, but it made us laugh until our stomachs hurt and it the end it turned my day around. Has your day ever started off bad and something happened to turn your frown upside down? If so what happened to make it a better day?

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Yes. One time I was forced to go to an amusement park against my will and we spent 45 minutes waiting to get on a roller coaster. 30 seconds into the ride we got stuck at the top of a loop-de-loop. We spent 20 minutes waiting for the fire department to rescue us, hanging upside down in mid air.

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Such a day will come again soon! It will happen the day I get a fantastic job or an idea that will make me enough money to not worry about getting a job. Or I sell some writing.

It’s happened many times before. One of the most memorable was the day I got my interview for the internship on the TV show I wanted to work on during my junior year at uni came the same day I had a huge fight with my then-bf and I was starting to think about how I’d have to break up with him. I was upset the whole day until that call came.

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My days don’t normally start out well and only get better if I go out. People are normally very nice and complimentary toward me. That makes me smile. It’s amazing how strangers can affect you.

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My friends always seem to turn it around for me.

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The other day I felt like hell. Really, I was doing really, really bad. I got home, went to the bathroom, took off my clothes and hopped in the shower, still feeling like crap.

When I got out, I looked on the floor and saw that my sock was tossed down in such a way that it resembled a fish. Turned my mood right ‘round, baby. Right ‘round.

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