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When do you feel invisible?

Asked by gemiwing (14713points) November 10th, 2009

What makes you feel invisible? Is it something others do, something about you or just how you think about a situation?

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When I’m ignored, disregarded, and spoken down to.

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Self mutilation.

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I don’t feel invisible. I more often feel like a sore thumb.

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Sometimes at the end of my last class of the day all the students gather at the door to wait for the bell. I’m the only person in the room without any friends in that class. When I’m standing there while everyone is in their little groups I feel awkward and like a loser, or a hermit or something. I have friends and I’m a sociable person, but there is no one I would ever talk to in that class. I swear sometimes high school can feel like hell. :P

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I have felt less invisible as time has gone on and I’ve asserted myself and “put myself out there” more. Love me, like me or hate me, you will see me.

When I assumed that others either were “better” than me or something more than me, yes, I felt invisible. And then I realized I was doing this to myself, which only encouraged other people to treat me that way, too.

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I think I feel invisible when I let other people control my response to a situation. It’s so odd, I’m more alone in a group than when I’m by myself. At least when I’m alone I can’t ignore myself.

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I have felt invisible ever since a light bending experiment I was working on went horribly wrong.

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When I am about my ninja business.

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I think I feel invisible even when I am visible. I do it to myself. Sometimes I’m not really invisible, except to the person I wish could see me. But, oftentimes, it’s my own damn fault. I never seem to learn about some mistakes I make over and over.

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Whenever I’m in my military uniform. Camouflage makes me look and feel very stealthy.

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Walk down the streets of NYC on a cold Autumn day. @aprilsimnel can empathize here. If you are in a negative frame of mind, you will feel invisible.

is today sad day on fluther or what? what’s with all the depressing questions

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Yes, @Grisaille, I see it all the time, but I see those people, too. Their perception that no one sees them is skewed because they feel bad. Also, there’s so many people here that just to have a sense of self while out and about, most people put their boundaries up. If a person’s new to the city, it feels strange and they’ll feel invisible for a while until they’re used to it.

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Pretty much always. In any public forum, unless I really make a point of attracting attention, It seems as though I am out of phase with every one else. They look right through me and at times try to walk right through. Most times this is just fine but it can be annoying to a rather extreme. Like when I don’t want to have to make a production out of getting attention.

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