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Do you find stretch marks to be a big turn off?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) November 10th, 2009

Do you think that stretch marks ANYWHERE are a big turn off? why is that so? Or does it not bother you at all? Does it depend on where the stretch marks are? If so, where is the ugliest place to have stretch marks that is a big turn off?

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I’m a woman and stretch marks don’t bother me. In fact if I take a minute to think about it they are beautiful.

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Not really, when they’re new and bright pink they can catch the eye. But once they fade they’re not that big a deal.

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“I’ve got highways for stretch marks, see how I’ve grown” One of my fav quotes. I don’t think they’re a turn-off. They’re not a turn-on either, so I’d put them in the ‘meh’ catagory.

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No, not really. I’ve had em ever since that big growth spurt when I was younger. I think they’re normal for both men and women.

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My wife has them, and they aren’t ugly. They are just marks.

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I don’t really give them a second thought. They aren’t ugly to me. Like @filmfann said, they’re just marks.
I got one with my first pregnancy, on my lower back. I actually think it’s pretty cute and love it. lol

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@RedPowerLady Yes, it’s a weird red scar type one, it never really faded. I didn’t get any on my belly, but did get others on my left thigh…apparently my right thigh was prepared for the big stretch. They do fade, but they never go completely away. You can see the ones on my thigh when I wear shorts..I never really cared what other people thought about that though.

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@casheroo that is pretty lucky :) but i don’t mind them either so it’s not a big deal, just always seem to see more than one, lol

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It seems the men are avoiding this question like the plague! with the exception of @filmfann of course.

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I think they make a woman even more beautiful.

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I dont care what the other guy’s wife looks like.

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@Judi – I’ll answer as a guy. Not a turn off, I’d have to be a big hypocrite to say they were, my entire torso is covered with them. When I was 16, I started working out and lost a few pounds, and happened to quit working out right about the same time I hit a big growth spurt, put on a couple inches and gained like 25 pounds in a week. The do make me feel like I am less appealing, but on a woman, I really don’t care.

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@dalepetrie Hubbs has some too and they don’t bother me in the least. So try not to worry too much about it

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@gemiwing – I’m not too worried about it, I’ve been married for 9 years, I figure if she’s gonna leave me, it’s not going to be because of my stretch marks.

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No. I’ve seen few naked bodies without any. Lots of guys I know have them from gaining weight or bulking up quickly when they were younger. A growth spurt left them around my neck, I’ve never thought much about them.

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Not really, no biggie.

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I don’t have any (and neither does my partner) and so I don’t give them a thought. I have seen them on other people and I don’t have an opinion either way. A few of my friends who have had babies in recent years have them and one is extremely unhappy about how she looks because of them so much so that she doesn’t like her boyfriend seeing her naked :(

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Not at all. Charm and seductive looks and enigmatic smiles and self esteem are really turn ons.

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It really depends on the rest of the package.

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Really?? I always thought my exes were just being nice by not mentioning mine. I’ve never seen stretch marks on any of them. I never even thought about how men might get them as well.

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iam a male and when i was about 15 i grew about 16in in 3 months and iam 23 now and i have loads on my arms so i cant wher t/shirts and have never had a girlfriend coz i dont want to show them to anyone

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@bradleyd04 – trust me, very few women would care and they’re not the kinds of women you’d want to date anyway.

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