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Celebrity obsession, has it happened to you and what did you do about it?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) November 10th, 2009

I’m pretty sure I’m becoming obsessed with a certain French porn star/artist with a scalp tattoo, But I promised myself I’d stop dropping his name in nearly all my answers on here. (been doing it for 2 days now) Its like a major crush, any suggestions on how to get over it, or do you suppose it will just have to run its course?

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Let it run it’s course, but be aware that not everyone gives a crap – or wants to hear about it. :)
A lot of us have these phases, you’ll get past it.

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I had a friend who worked at Pixar, and got into an early private screening of Toy Story 2. Sitting a few rows from me was Robin Williams.
After the movie, I ran into him at the theater arcade (he was giving quarters to his kids).
I walked up, trying to be cool, and totally gushed at how great I thought he was. I was so embarassed afterwards.

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Well I don’t think anyone was ever really obsessed with me (not that I know of) and I was never really a celebrity anyway. But it’s nice when people come up after a show and tell you they like your music, or that they saw you 4 years ago in another town or something.

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@asmonet, lurve for a great answer! @gottamakeart, it happens more than people want to admit. Enjoy his work, journal your fantasies about him, and ride it out.

@filmfann I met my very favorite actor of all time after a show he was in, and did exactly what you did with Robin Williams. I was embarrassed for weeks, I still cringe when I think about it!

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@SuperMouse: Thanks!
I met one of my favorite stand up comedians and besides a rambling story about sleepwalking – WHICH HE ASKED FOR I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW – all I could muster was:


see avatar.

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There are a few famous people that I am in great awe of but I wouldn’t say that I have ever been obsessed with a famous person to the point where it was affecting my life.

Having said that, I did spend over £700 to see Barbra Streisand in concert and when I think about it, only an obsessed fan would spend that amount of money on their favourite “celebrity”! It was worth every penny though!

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