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How many AC volts is 1 volt DC?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) November 10th, 2009 from iPhone
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They are apples and oranges. You can convert one to the other, depending on the amperage, but there is no corrolation between DC and AC.

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So how would I put then into a unit converter? I want to make one in the app A2Zpro

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AC and DC are entirely different ways of transmitting electricity. To describe AC as having “volts” is, well, misleading, though not necessarily “wrong”

Alternating Current has a constantly changing voltage and amperage, which is in fact how it transmits its power, while direct current holds its voltage steady.

The exact math of integrating the usual AC sine wave down towards what an analogous DC current might look like can be found here, but I think the exact phrasing of your question might betray a lack of real electrical understanding, in which case, whatever you do, don’t put paperclips into wall sockets.

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No, I’m was wondering if there was a simple way of converting the 2… Oh well.

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you can convert AC to DC by using diodes to create a wheatstone bridge

Using this medthod 1 volt AC will output 1 volt DC but you will see a slight drop in ampres.

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1 AC volt = 1 AstroChuck unit
1 DC volt = 1 Dr_C unit

they are not interchangeable… but both go well with a thread and are quick to give their opinion (requested or not).

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Why not just buy a frigging converter LOL or would it be an Inverter,,,hmmmm…...

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A volt is a unit of electromagnetic potential. It if the electrical equivalent of a Newton (N).

In the physical world, potential kinetic energy increases as a function of mass and distance. (Heavier things and things dropped from higher collide with more force.)

In the electrical world, electromagnetic potential increases as a function of charge and the distance. (Imagine filling a bag with sand. Each grain is a single charge carrier, as you collect more, the bag gets heavier and the potential energy increases.)

Charge is two dimensional characteristic — it has a positive and negative. Direct current fixes which which conductor is positive and which is negative while alternating is constantly going between the poles.

Direct current always has the save value for the voltage whereas alternating current only has a constantly cycling instantaneous value for the charge (and thus the voltage).

So, alternating and direct volts are the same unit in the way that a pound of granite and a pound of water are the same unit even though the quantities being measured are vastly different in fluidity.

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