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Can I wrap native JavaScript methods with my aspects?

Asked by dibau_naum_h (43points) February 12th, 2008

e.g., I want to add some security call before invoking

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If I am understanding this correctly, you want to do something like authenticate someone, if the auth is returned true then invoke Really all you need to do is create a JS function that runs your security call and if it is true or validates to what you want, then have it run However I would stay away from doing security and authentication calls in JS as it is really to do JS insertion and hacking, as well as read the code and get the URL that way. The most secure thing to do, is to perform all of the authentication/security servierside and then return the call through a XMLHttpRequest that will execute JS on completion of the call. This I believe can be done semi-easily using something like Prototype to handle all of the XHR requests

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Would it work to only enable the call on the page if the user was authenticated when the page was served to them?

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Thanks for the informative answers. Actually, I didn’t explain myself properly – what I need to run before the call isn’t related to authentication but rather to privileges of the browser (my user agent is XULRunner, which requires this).
I’m using the FCKEditor, which performs in its code, & wanted to enable it under XULRunner.

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