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How would you feel if one of your sexual partners blogged about his or her experience?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8252points) November 11th, 2009

Here’s a hypothetical:

You meet someone that you have been periodically talking to on the internet in person, for a date. You already know that you have a lot of similar interests, and the conversation flows easily. You enjoy yourself tremendously, and you find this person’s personality engaging. The date lasts for hours, and you find yourself holding hands with this person, then kissing them, then going home with them. One thing leads to another, and, the next thing you know, it’s morning. Post-sex, there was cuddling and general romantic behavior, even though the person has expressed that he or she has no interest in “anything serious.” They invite you to continue spending time with them that morning, getting coffee and whatnot. After you part ways, the person contacts you twice that day.

In talking to them, after all is said and done, he or she openly tells you that they are the author of blog which, for the most part, recounts his or her sexual conquests and relationship ideals and realities. He or she shows it to you, and reassures you that names are changed and explicit details are not given. He or she does, however, use his or her real name, first and last. He or she offers to not write about you as well. Also note that you have made plans to see this person again prior to learning this.

The question is: are you uncomfortable knowing that you will be written about? Do you request that he or she not write about your encounter, even with a fake name? If you do, are you getting in the way of his or her artistic freedom? Would you be interested in seeing what he or she had to write about you, and, if so, why? Could that be construed as narcissistic? Do you think his or her writing would be influenced by the fact that he or she both knows that you will read the entry and is planning on seeing you again? How do you react to this information?

Overall, where does one draw the line between personal information and human interest?

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