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Do you think going to the jacuzzi every night is good?

Asked by nicklepro (17points) November 11th, 2009

Do you think going to the jacuzzi every night is bad for your skin? Your health?

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As long as you don’t stay in too long, it is kept clean and well maintained, and you rinse off afterward, I don’t see how it would be a problem. Some people go swimming every day, and going in the jacuzzi isn’t that much different.

For some people, a good body moisturizer afterward would be good, also.

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Bad for your wallet maybe, unless you have one of your own that is. If you’re anything like me your hair and skin will dry out, a good conditioner (hair) and moisturizer (skin) will stop you from aging 10 years in 1 week (like @YARNLADY mentioned). There might be some health benefits from the warm water (blood flow and such), but I’m no doctor.

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as long as you care for your skin, and it’s not too hot and you don’t par-boil yourself daily, I think it’s really good to keep your muscles loose and the blood flowing and generally feeling great. Plus, if you’re stressed, it probably does wonders.

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The water isn’t what’s bad for you, it’s the champagne and blow that will kill you.

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A jacuzzi is much more chlorinated then a pool. Whats the effect of prolong exposure to chlorine?

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If you’re a guy and trying to have kids- then I’d skip the hotub. Otherwise, I second (third?) the skin issues.

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Are you talking Jaccuzzi as is bathtub with jet sprays, or are you referring to a hot tub?

If you’re talking hot tub, there are health issues related to bromine exposure that you should google, assuming that you are using bromine to disinfect the water.

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See I was under the impression that the OP was talking about one of those hot tubs some very lucky people have in their bathrooms, and it would be nothing more than a really hot bath… not chlorine or other chemicals. Am I wrong?

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@poofandmook, @nicklepro added the comment __A jacuzzi is much more chlorinated then a pool__ which led me to think he/she’s actually referring to a hot tub.

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My wife went to the gym, and after working out, sat in the jacuzzi. There were half a dozen people in the tub, including an old man, who finally stood up, and began leaving the tub. He collapsed (the tub might have been too warm), and died on the spot.
At this point, the jacuzzi was no longer a hot tub, but Old Man Soup.
Everyone there freaked out pretty bad, including my wife.

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will NOT laugh at Old Man Soup. will not laugh at old man soup. will not..

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Who cares… It’s soooooo good!


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I love jacuzzi..That’s why I don’t think there’s a problem with that.

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I wouldn’t recommend it especially if your skin can’t handle it long term. Doing this daily is also a waste of energy and water unless it’s a public place near your home with lots of people using the same jacuzzi. Twice a week sounds more reasonable to me.

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I’d love to have the opportunity to go into my gym’s jacuzzi every day! It really mellows me out and relaxes tight muscles. It’s not great for my skin but I agree with @YARNLADY that if you shower off afterward and use moiturizer, you should be fine.

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No because of the chlorine. Our bodies absorb a lot of what we soak in so it can’t be all that great even if you shower after, I imagine you’d start to seep chlorine smell in your sweat, ewwww. A whirlpool bathtub soak without detergents and not-too-hot water, that’s nice to soak in everyday, I used to add powdered milk to mine and sometimes black tea.

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I have a hot tub at my Florida home.(jacuzzi. is a brand name)

We used it often and sometimes daily with no ill effects. We also did have as much chlorine in it as the OP suggested because we changed the water and cleaned it frequently. The biggest concern is staying in too long and having the temp set too high.

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Yes, I was referring to a hot tub. had the two words mixed up =p I thought a hot tub was a hot bathtub but apparently not.

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you can chloriniate a hot tub with either chlorine or bromine. bromine is supposed to have a lower small to it and it typically recommended for this reason. since your body absorbs chemicals through the skin, I dont think either is very good for you in high amounts.

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I’m saving this thread for laughs – and for when I need a little virtual spa time. GQ newbie: welcome to flutherville – you’ll fit right in – the water’s fine – jump right in – or are you already in the jacuzzi? ;-)

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