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Can you recommend a high-quality, ergonomic, wired laser mouse?

Asked by ben (8323points) November 11th, 2009

Important factors:
– I have large hands
– I mostly prefer “palm gripping”
– I use a mac
– I want it to be wired.
– I’d prefer a laser sensor, though quality optical could work.
– I’m right-handed

This doesn’t seem like it should be hard to find. I’m looking for a new, good quality mouse for all my computing needs. It seems the best way to find a good mouse is to look for a “gaming mouse” (they use laser sensors, which are apparently the best). However, I’m not using it for games, and don’t care about LEDs or changing my DPI.

All I want is for it to be ergonomic and very accurate, though I can’t seem to find the obvious choice. Am I missing something? Anyone have a any recommendations?

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The cheapest you can find.

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@ChazMaz Actually, I’d be willing to spend a fair amount for a good mouse. Given how many hours I use my computer, and how long a mouse can last, I’m not looking to cheap out.

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I would recommend going to a store and trying them out. I’m in the same boat. I can’t seem to find a comfortable mouse. I’m also in camp “Big Hands.”

I mostly try to just get by with the keyboard and the Wacom tablet.

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Microsoft make some pretty nice mice but they all seem to be wireless. I had a laser 5000 which was really comfortable.

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I have a PC, but I use a Razer DeathAdder Mac edition mouse. It’s wired, it has a highly precise censor and it’s right-handed. I have a palm grip and I’m 6’5”, so I have large hands. I find it extremely comfortable.

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I like the Logitech Trackman which is a thumb-mounted trackball. I’ve been using that model for years and years and it’s never been anything but comfortable.

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I have never found a mouse that was any better then another.

Trackballs are another story. I have a couple of Logitech TrackMan marble wheels.
One as a spare since they do not make this model any more. The one I currently am using. It is still running strong after 9 years.

Have not found anything new that is as comfortable and unobtrusive.

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Consider the Logitech Corded Mouse M500 or the Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000. Or, consider some really ergonomic mice (e.g. this one, or this one), but I’m dubious about their quality.

Though remember that with cordless mice, their movement during usage isn’t restricted by a cord so usage is more convenient.

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You really don’t need to worry about to worry about the tracking technology with modern mice, just fine one that’s comfortable.

I just got a Logitech M500 Corded Mouse and I’m very happy using it with my MacBook. I have big hands and it fits nicely with my palm grip as well. The sides are nicely rubberized for grip and it has a very cool, free-flowing scroll wheel. Also, every button can be programed. I think anyone would be happy with this mouse.

Also, it does have laser tracking.

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Update: I went to BestBuy last night and deliberated. Narrowed it down to the Razer DeathAdder 3500 and the Logitech M500. Went with the M500 and I’m using now for the first time I’m really pleased with it. The software on OS X is better than expected, too.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone!

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@ben Awesome! I love the M500. I hope it works out for you.

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Update: Much as I liked the M500, the ergonomics weren’t working for me. After a few days it was be hurting my hand, so I’ve just switched it out for the DeathAdder which (after a few hours at least) seems to be a better fit for my large hands. Both great mice though.

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@ben My good friend has the DeathAdder and he absolutely loves it!

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