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Why is the audio out of sync with the video when I rip a DVD?

Asked by Lightlyseared (32260points) November 11th, 2009

I’m use handbrake on a windows PC with the Apple universal setting. I’ve tried a couple of DVD’s and the voice is always slightly off, just enough to be annoying.

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Hmm… What program are you using to open the file after ripping it? I’ve had this problem with windows media player AND Quicktime, just the program sucking. I recommend trying VLC just in case that’s the problem.

If Handbrake is the problem… I don’t know why it would be doing that. You should check for an update, and then report the error to their website (since it’s freeware, they’ll want to know if there is a problem). You should try out MPEG Streamclip and see if you experience the same problem with it. Handbrake is great for ripping through anti-piracy devices on a disc, but MPEG works fine if your DVD doesn’t have such advanced protection.

Good luck! That sucks. If you can’t figure out the problem and you just have to deal with it, I don’t know an easier way than shoving the file into iMovie or a similar video editing program and re-syncing by hand. Which is SUCH A PAIN!

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What speed are you ripping at?

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If you use VLC to play it back you can use these shortcuts to help sync the audio while you watch the movie.
Mac: F and G
Windows: J and K

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I was watching the video in itunes now Ive tried windows media player and it was synced perfectly. So I am going to assume its itunes problem.

it never occured to me it was a problem with the player software, doh

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.…audio out of sync with the video…

Is it a Japanese monster (Godzilla) movie?

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Win! Gimme props. pumps fist into air

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